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It's my first time to try out the dishes at Krazy Garlik, thankfully Bloggers were invited to their Food Tasting event and Voila! I got the chance to try out their unique and appetizing menu.
Krazy Garlik is a dining destination that glorifies the taste of garlic.
Krazy Garlik brings together the best garlic recipes from around the world. Whole or chopped, quickly sauteed or slowly roasted, robust or gentle. The best part of Krazy Garlik dining experience is that amazingly rich flavor given to each dish from a simple appetizer to a hearty entree and dessert. 

krazy garlik
The interiors and facade of Krazy Garlik at their Greenbelt 5 branch is very relaxing. I love the idea of dim lights and the spacious surroundings. Since they offer and best of almost any Asian food, they also created the best interior to present an Asian aura of their restaurant.
I also like the idea of Alice in Wonderland welcoming you when you get inside the restaurant, brings back childhood memories.

The Food
Let's check out their food and since we are there for the food tasting, we tried Krazy Garlik's best sellers! For appetizer, we had Creamy Garlik Hummus, a creamy combination of chickpeas and sesame paste serve with a soft tortilla and freshly baked sourdough bread, I love the dip! it really liven up my taste buds! We also had the Roasted Tomato salad, a combination of mesclun greens, roasted tomatoes, dried figs, feta cheese and cashew nuts tossed in homemade garlic vinaigrette dressing topped with black olives and croutons. It tasted really fresh and delicious, the feta cheese added compliment with it.

For our main course, we had BBQ riblets. It is a mouthwatering plate of grilled riblets served with special barbecue sauce and garlic marble potatoes.

The Garllik Oxtail is a meat dish cooked in fresh tomatoes. I love the tenderness of the meat combined with its tasty sauce. 

My ultimate favorite is their Chorizo Paella! very tasty. Cooked with red bell peppers, black olives and roasted garlic.This will surely make you crave for more!

Lengua Con Salsa Blanca

Their Garliky Crispy Pata is really to die for! One couldn't resist it because I can't resist it either. Deep fried pork topped with garlic bits. The crunchy taste of the skin and the tender meat inside is really a thumbs up. This is perfect with Garlic rice, I had too many servings of this, BURP!

You might want to try their dishes with this garlic because it adds taste or falvoring with your preffered dish or you can eat it with a slice of bread too. 

For drinks I had Mango Tango and the other drink on the left is for my seatmate who ordered Tapioca Loca. All drinks are perfect for this summer and some drinks that they offer had a twist of Garlic.

A meal will never be complete without desserts. Krazy garlik offers new desserts that will surely make your mouth water. They offer Krazy Mess, a luscious combination of layered frozen raspberry, Nata de coco, homemade meringue, whipped cream and strawberry ice cream. I love the combination of raspberry and strawberry, it will give a "kilig' feeling. The other one is for coffee lovers out there, the Affogato Triffle which is a combination of coffee jelly, meringue, whipped cream and vanilla topped with hot espresso shot.

It was really a feast for us Bloggers that time when we tried all of this amazing dishes. We are so full! I love how well the garlic was infused into the dish without leaving us with a nasty breath. We had a great time at Krazy Garlik as we all enjoyed the food and allowed ourselves to get crazy even once in a while. 

Krazy Garlik
Krazy Garlik
2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
Telephone Number: +632501-3752 to 53

For more details, visit their official website:
Facebook page:

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