KYLA Releases New Album Entitled "Journey" Under PolyEast Records

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It was my first time to meet Kyla and I am grateful for the chance to finally meet her through a BlogCon. She is a very humble and down to earth artist, this is why, I believe she is blessed.

Working on a new album took a while since the RnB Princess Kyla had been busy these past  3 years: In  2011, she tied the knot with PBA Player Rich Alvarez;  a year later Kyla got pregnant;  and in  May 2013, she gave birth to their baby boy. I'm right, she is indeed blessed! We actually missed seeing her perform and have her own album.

The break from the recording world gave Kyla the opportunity  to compose her own songs and collaborate with different artists and songwriters.

After a long break from releasing music, the country’s R&B princess Kyla is back full force with a stronger R&B sound and a passion for showing emotions through her music. Her debut in 2000 up to this date have talked so much celebrated as one of the most uniquely talented artists of her generation, but the new album “Journey” via PolyEast Records proves that she still holds the title.

“I have come from a long journey to finally release a new album again and I can say, it feels to great to be back. This new album brings so much excitement and fulfillment in my career that now I have a family of my own, I’m back to what I love doing the most—singing and recording songs for my fellow music lovers” she adds. 

Her carrier single Journey tells a lot about her current journey right now and her collaboration in the album. “I wrote this song, 'Journey', I wrote as well when I was in my honeymoon sa Europe,” Kyla related. “The title kind of speaks for itself, my journey of life experiences. My last album came out in 2010 and here we are in 2014, and there are a lot of things have happened, obviously. There are a lot of changes that I need to embrace as to the music industry and battle of producing quality songs. And people have seen me go through so many things in the public, whether it's my personal life or my career,” Kyla shared. 

“I wrote it and parang na-inspire lang ako kasi ang ganda-ganda ng paligid di ba? I called Jay-R when I got home, and I asked him if he can help me do the music. So we collaborated.”

According to Kyla, if she would compare her working patterns right now to before, a lot has been changed. Since she is already married and now a beautiful baby boy, she usually takes time to take care of her baby, more of her quality time now are focussed at home where she can take care of her family although her love for music will forever be there. In fact, she shared to us how she missed doing a concert where she can totally share her love for music and singing. She added that asingle performance on TV shows is not enough to showcase ones talent which is why a concert is really needed, this is also one way of thanking her fans for supporting her through the years. She is hoping she will have a concert soon :)

As the album reclaims her prominence, our 33-year old R&B chanteuse brings a range of styles from “Dito Na Lang”, a throwback to the singer’s glory days or much likened to her hit “Hanggang Ngayon”; “I Got This”, a song that mirrors many of her R&B hits, with her co-writer Yosha Honasan; and “Atin ang Walang Hanggan” on slow-motion which emphasizes the album’s firm R&B roots. When Kyla sang a song written for her by Brian McKnight titled "My Heart" during her Sunday show, it has since become her wedding song which is included in the album in a duet with McKnight.  

Shortly after her return in late 2013, Kyla began recording a new album. In March, Kyla renewed her contract with PolyEast Records. 

JOURNEY Album tour dates:
May 16 5pm Mall tour Robinsons Metro East
May 25 5pm SM Fairview
May 31 6pm Ayala Center Cebu

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1.) Way To Your Heart – July 2000
2.) Kyla – April 2002
3.) I Will Be There – May 2003
4.) Not Your Ordinary Girl – May 2004
5.) Beautiful Days – May 2006
6.) Heartfelt – June 2007
7.) Heart to Heart – August 2008
8.) Private Affair – November 2010
9.) Essence Of Soul (Best of) – September 2012
10. ) Journey – May 2014

Thank you so much Kyla for having us :-) Congrats on your new album! :-)

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