PLDT Cyberya Mini Negosyo On Full Swing! Week 2

7:25:00 AM

Now that My PLDT Cyberya Mini-Negosyo is fully assembled and now running with a full blast PLDT internet, we are now in FULL SWING! We are now operating from 8:00 a.m. up to 10:00 p.m. with Cyberya and I am getting really nice feedback with Cyberya.

Since our area is recognized as a business district and the location is pretty much 
in line with some of the recognizable landmarks in the area like Polytechnic University of the Philippines, 2 High Schools namely Commonwealth High School & Bethany School, the Cyberya Mini Negosyo fits perfectly for the students who wants to limit their time and money for their internet satisfaction. But I was surprised to know that even ages from 20 years old and above are very interested to rent computer shops who offer PISO NET.

Meet my Cyberya internet users who loves to log in and check their social media site like Facebook, Twitter or watch their favorite music videos via You Tube or check their important messages via Yahoo Mail. Most of them preferred Cyberya rather than renting for 1 hour since they control their time via Cyberya for as long as they have 1 peso with them. 
For 4 minutes which is equivalent to P1.00, they have done so many things via Internet plus they offer fast internet access! What more can my customers ask for?:)

Check out my Cyberya Gamers featuring this kids who loves playing Crossfire and GTA.
For just P1.00 they can play and enjoy the games anyway they want it with minimum supervision. Since most of these gamers are kids, I only let them play till 7 in the evening so that they can go home early, most of them are with their siblings or other friends. 

Check out how blockbuster Cyberya is for them :) Cool right?:)

If these players and internet lovers are enjoying the latest mini negosyo from PLDT which is Cyberya then so will you! This is the perfect time to have a mini-negosyo and control your money and time. Cyberya has a lot of perks and advantages just for you. If you want to know more about PLDT Cyberya, check out my previous blog post about it.

Be part of my challenge as it unfolds every week for 2 months! :)
You might win exciting prizes, so be updated with our weekly challenges and who knows, you might get lucky :) Vote for me as your favorite Cyberya Blogger and you might win a Cyberya of your own! :-) 

Be an Mini-Negosyante with PLDT Cyberya!

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