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Yes! I finally got the chance to meet personally two of the most famous stars of today, coming from a top rated teleserye at Kapuso Network GMA 7 which is My Husband's Lover, it's undeniable that Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana has come a long way.

Last May 5, So It's You stars held a Bloggers Conference and thankfully we get the chance to have an intimate talk with the lead stars at Imperial Palace Suites. It was so obvious how compatible and relax they are with each other. With that, I can say, "Bagay talaga sila!" The chemistry is really there, you can actually feel it, it radiates within them! They act so natural which one of the many reasons why you should watch the film.

In So It’s You is the first rom-com for both Carla and Tom, the two played Lira and Goryo, who are brought together by their respective misfortunes in love — Lira was unceremoniously dumped at the altar, while Goryo was a single father.

Direk Jun, who in recent years has been pounding the international filmfest circuit for his critically-acclaimed indies Bwakaw and Barber’s Tales, said the material of So It’s You came first before the casting was decided on.
Tom, who waited in the wings for several years, doing support roles after being discovered in a reality show, said he never expected he would fall in love with acting. Now that he is doing a starring role, he is a little bit pressured and feels blessed as well because this is a wonderful opportunity for him to showcase his talent. 

“I didn't expect I’d end up loving this; I’ve fallen in love with my craft, and I really want to give it my all and to go and learn all that I can, and I really want to support my family,” he said of his family in the States, who have been his main inspiration in his pursuit of showbiz.

 “That’s been my dream my whole life. Finally, God has answered my prayers, that I get breaks and work so that I can sustain myself and hopefully, I can support my family. That’s why my focus now is on my work.”

Carla on the other hand, even if she's still mending a broken heart, still manages to give her very best for this movie and manages to welcome everyone with a bright smile, she said, life goes on and we really don't know what lies ahead, for now she feels happy because all their fans are there to support their movie. She was named Outstanding Actress for GMA 7's My Husband's Lover.

She also told us that she wanted to learn more with the craft that she is doing right now which is acting, if there's time, she would love to take up a course on acting so that she can be more effective and good at what she does. 

For my last question for both of them, I asked them, "Paano nga ba mag mahal ang isang Tom Rodriguez at Carla Abellana in real life?" Carla answered with a smile on her face that she gives her all, as in 100% of her love and undivided attention to that special someone. 
Likewise, Tom has the same answer which is why Carla teased him that he is what other students are used to do nowadays, "Copy-Paste" answer :-)

It was a fun afternoon interviewing Carla and Tom, good news is that So It's You has been invited to be screened at an International filmfest in New York City. Congrats to Direk Jun Lana and to all the actors/actress who are part of the film together with the staff and crew!

Also starring JC de Vera, Joey Marquez, Arlene Muhlach, Kevin Santos, Paolo Ballesteros and Bangs Garcia, So It’s You opens in theaters nationwide on May 7.

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