Basta Every Day Happy Brings Out Good Vibes to Every Filipino

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GMA 7, your one and only Kapuso network always provides TV viewers superior and all out entertainment with their shows, and this time, GMA gives happiness in an all-new meaning through the morning talk/variety program “Basta Every Day Happy.”

Luckily, bloggers were invited for a set visit. We also got the chance to watch the said program live! We were able to meet the hosts Ms. Gladys Reyes, Ms. Donita Rose and Ms. Alessandra de Rossi plus Chef Boy Logro. 

Although we didn't got the chance to interview them in person, seeing them live doing their hosting stints only proves how good they are with their chosen craft. We all know how good Donita is when it comes to hosting since she hosted MTV Asis for quite a long time, there's no questioning the abilities of Gladys Reyes and Alexandra as well. Even though they are versatile actress, they too can host.

Cooking on the side is Chef Boy Logro who is really a master when it comes to cooking. 
He does the cooking with an ease and everyone loves the dish he cooked that day which is also perfect for people who is on a diet. 

The show engages studio viewers and tv viewers  in various segments and fun-filled intermission numbers. They are also giving away prizes to tv viewers like cellphone load and a brand new cellphone! 

The guest for that day is Martin del Rosario and Kylie Padilla and the topic is all about being confident with your body. Being fit, sexy, handsome and beautiful.

GMA-7 constantly seeks to spread positive vibes to every Filipino household, with Basta Everyday Happy, they bring a morning show that will encourage everyone to take an active step in making one’s self happy through the simple pleasures of life to consequently affect someone else’s happiness.

Showcasing the Filipinos’ unique trait of being naturally cheerful, “Basta Every Day Happy” presents happiness found in various forms. They always have fresh topics every day for you to keep updated, be informed and of course spread good vibes throughout the day! Directed by Louie Ignacio, Basta Every Day Happy will certainly be another well-loved morning program of the Filipino viewers from all ages. 

Viewers can expect happier mornings as it will consistently provide memorable episodes through a mixture of fun segments and inspiring conversations between the hosts and the guests.

Watch “Basta Every Day Happy” weekdays  at 11 a.m.  
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Thank you for inviting us Basta Every Day Happy! :-)

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