CaliBurger: Now Open at Century Mall and Timog Quezon City

7:30:00 PM

Cali Burger is the newest burger joint here in Manila which is inspired by "In N Out" a popular burger chain in United States. Cali Burger is swiftly establishing a name in China with over 50 branches and also have branches at Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, Kuwait, Stockholm, Bahrain, Dubai and Washington D.C. and not they currently have 2 branches here in the Philippines. Tomas Morato Branch and Century Mall Makati.

Cali Burger's branch at Century Mall is very spacious, you can even have a dance number here.I love the ambiance simply because the colorful chairs reminds me of burger joints seen in the movie in United States. They also offer seats outside the veranda if you feel like sight seeing while eating. They also have a huge screen where I know they will show movies or tv shows but for now they are showing how Cali Burger started in Manila.

Their staff is very friendly and I am not saying this because they know that we are bloggers who are there to review their food, they treat all the customers with the same giddiness and delight, offering different choices and they speak fluent English too! Since most of the customers who drop by there are foreigners as well who simply loves Cali's fresh burgers.


Their menu is very straightforward. You can choose on their  simple yet delectable menu. I would love to try all their burgers soon but for now we, Bloggers tried out something new on their menu and I feel very lucky to be one of the lucky few who tasted it firsthand.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger. Burger lovers need to taste this mouthwatering cheeseburger layered with 100% USDA Prime Angus Beef patty, double smoked bacon, and sweet and tangy house-made BBQ sauce. Honestly speaking, I super love their burger! It is juicy and indeed mouthwatering. The bacon is just as perfect because it didn't shrink into pieces.

Onion Rings. Try the hand-battered onion rings with a touch of thyme. At first I didn't want to try Onion Rings because I'm really not a fan of it but when I tried it, it was good! We didn't realize while talking that we finished off the set of Onion Rings that were given to us.

Cali Fries. The all American fries! Yipee! Their fries really made my day, authentic fries! big and real potatoes not starch! I believe they call these Wild Style Fries, the one topped with melted cheese, this is good! you will definitely love it! 

Sweet Cali Wings. Aside from burgers, CaliBurger also offers juicy chicken wings with soy honey glaze. This also tasted good however I find it a bit small in size. Maybe because I am just used to KFC's big chicken sizes but anyhow I would enjoy it more if the chicken wings were bigger in size. The taste is good with a tinge of spiciness and sweetness. 

CaliBurger believes that fresh tastes best. When it comes to quality, no detail is too small. Their made-to-order meals are always prepared in open kitchens by experienced chefs who carefully monitor quality and adhere to strict standards for processing, cooking and sanitation. These all add up to a difference you can taste in their products.

Thank you so much Cali Burger for inviting us, I will definitely visit more in the future!

4th Floor Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City 
Timog, Quezon City (Across GMA7); Boracay (soon to open)

Official Website:
Facebook: CaliBurgerPH
Twitter: CaliBurgerPH
Instagram: CaliBurgerPH

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