Italianni's Launches its Take Away Platters

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Whether it’s a sudden office meeting or an impromptu birthday party celebration, we usually worry about where to dine out since restaurants can become full packed after office hours. Usually, we go for the easiest pick and choose whatever is nearest regardless of the food options due to convenience. For hurried times like this, the one thing that can bring a group together is good food. A hefty, delicious, and scrumptious meal can turn a bad situation to a party. But where do we find this good food without leaving our comfort zones? So how do we strike two birds with one stone? No worries because Italianni’s New Take-Away Platters has your back on this one.

With Italianni’s Take-Away Platter, you can continue thinking and talking and working without the hassle of dining out because Italianni’s is bringing the good food to you. Because of its generous servings, sharing is the only way to go.

I was one of the lucky few who got the chance to check out Italianni's latest offering: The Take Away Platters. It is perfectly convenient for people on the go or if you want to surprise your love ones. As always we were served with Italianni's delectable meals that will make you crave for more. 

For starters we ordered drinks and their complimentary bread. I super love Berry Banana. It suddenly feels like it's Summer again. If you have read my post before, I was also present when Italianni's Shangri La Mall branch had their "An Italian Affair" event and they introduced us with their Summer shakes as well.

Certified organic salad! We then divulge with their super fresh and crush salad which is Sicilian Chicken Salad (P695) The dressing as always is just as perfect. You can never go wrong with Italianni's fresh salad.

A great start to a meal is their Spinach and Artichoke Formaggio (P725). Spinach, artichoke, mushrooms in a creamy blend of cheese served with garlic bread. For me, anything served with cheese and garlic bread is mouthwatering, but this one, I love! It is actually my favorite and if this is for sharing, I will be honest but I will not share this to anyone! LOL :)

Prosciutto e Formaggio (P1, 785). Salami, ham and cheese! This is perfect if you have wine on the side, you will definitely feel the ambiance of Italy.

 Seafood Cioppino (P1,125). Mussels, shrimps, clams, calamari and spaghetti in cioppino, enhanced with chili flakes. This, compared to other pasta resto that I have tried is the best. 

It was indeed a fun foodie bloggers event. We super enjoyed the food liek I always do because at Italianni's, it's always a fun & memorable dining experience. Every time I enter their resto, I always feel like I am in a different place, like I am taken to Italy right then and there.

You can choose your platters that are good for six to eight people. Start with our selection of appetizers; keep it light and crunchy with our organic salads; and follow it with any of our bestseller al dente pasta—Lasagna, Spaghetti & Meatballs, and Seafood Cioppino to name a few. 

Keep the tummy full and happy with our favorite classic Italian dishes – Herb Roasted Chicken, Grilled Pork Chop Au Poivre and Chicken Italianni’s. Plus, we designed a special carry-on bag that folds and has a unique design to help you reuse it. Disposable cutleries are also included for convenience. With so many delicious dishes to choose from, you don’t even need a reason to celebrate. Food itself will be your reason to celebrate. Just pick up the phone or go to your favorite Italianni’s branch place your order, and experience the Italianni’s goodness available at 17 Italianni’s branches. Take Away Platters can also be ordered via Quick delivery (212 1212) or City Delivery (87878)

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