KAMKAM (Greed) Starring Allen Dizon & Directed by Joel Lamangan Showing on July 9!

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Kamkam is an upcoming mainstream movie which is directed by the award winning director Joel Lamangan and written by Jerry Gracio.

The story evolves with Johnny (Allen Dizon) and Sitio Cam Cam. He connives with the local chief of police so that he can be the ultimate "King" of the area, asking for "payola" from the residents. As the "King" in Sitio Cam Cam, he and his two wives, Salud (Jean Garcia) and Evelyn (Sunshine Dizon) all get along well together with their sons and daughters. Johnny has 3 daughters with Salud (Jean) one of them is Joyce Ching while he has 1 son and a daughter with Evelyn (Sunshine) 1 of them is Lucho Ayala. They control the illegal business in the area and budget the money with their families not until Jackie Rice came along as the third wife. Jackie plays the role of Shane who came from a bar and was rescued by Johnny.

“Kamkam” means greed. In this movie, it is an epitome of how greed and corruption is so evident up until now in our country. Even though the movie didn't precisely said that it is true to life, once you have watched the movie, you will agree with me that this is indeed happens in real life and it is everywhere.

What’s sad about it is that Johnny sincerely believes he’s not a bad person and he’s not doing anything wrong (just like our politicians when their corrupt activities have been exposed), when the film opens with him stabbing someone to death. He later on pays dearly for his ruthless violence, in the hands of someone he least expects to be his executioner. Violence begets violence. What goes around comes around, as the saying goes.

The standouts for us in the big cast are Jaime Pebanco as the gay thug or “baklang siga” who turns out to be Johnny’s fourth “wife”, Elizabeth Oropesa as Johnny’s protective but “kunsintindora” mother and Jean Garcia as the feisty and combative first wife. They’re all consistently good and very effective in all their scenes as always. 

Jackie Rice on the other hand did well in her explosive scenes. She now accepts mature and sexy roles which she did superbly. She also have a relationship with Kerbie Zamora in this movie while being committed with Johnny. I just felt sorry about what happened in her character in the end even to Johnny. 

With powerhouse cast and arising stars, this movie will surely engage viewers interest. 
They did a fine job with the location and the characters.

We got a chance to have an interview with the star of the movie, Allen Dizon and he said that he is proud about this movie working for the first time with them and being the lead role of the movie as well. At first he said, "Medyo nag aalinlangan ako kung kaya ko bang gawin ang movie na to kasi may pressure din dahil lead role tapos lahat pa ng mga kasama ko magagaling pero dahil na rin kay Direk Joel, napanatag ang loob ko kasi gusto nya talaga pulido ang movie kaya pinaubaya ko lahat sa kanya."

The movie was shoot near Kawit, Cavite and they all have to immerse with the residents living in the area. With regards to working with the new stars like Joyce Ching and Lucho Ayala, he said they were all good and at first "medyo may ilangan kahit ako dahil wala pa naman ako anak na binata at dalaga na pero magagaling sila, ako kay may anak na ko 11 years old, very young pa." 

He added that he wanted people to learn something about this film, "Napapanahon ang pelikula na ito dahil sa greed, gusto natin malaman ng mga tao di lang dito sa bansa natin kundi sa buong mundo na hindi maganda ang mga iligal na gawain."

Watch the Trailer here:
Showing on July 9, 2014 in selected theaters nationwide. 

Allen Dizon invites you to watch KAMKAM

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