Klinec Nail and Body Spa: A Pampering Experience Like No Other

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It was a hot and humid day when me and my Blogger friend Angelyn Demo went to 
Klinec Nail &  Body Spa located at 24-D Kamuning Road near Tomas Morato. We were invited to review their pampering service and we were so excited to try it out because it was just what we need to end the week and as for me, it is really what I need after a long week of working. 
We were greeted with a very relaxing ambiance! Just what we totally needed. A warm welcome and a refreshing feel of the surroundings. I totally love the color combination of white and turquoise. It gives a majestic aura especially with the cute chairs, making you feel you are the queen and we are here to pamper you. The lights were dim and there's a cozy music playing around making me feel dizzy in excitement for the exciting pampering session ahead.

Klinec Nail & Body Spa offers different services for the whole family or for a barkada who wants to have a Spa treatment. I truly love the set up because they have all the services rolled into one. From Manicure to Pedicure, Spa treatment and even laser treatments to make you slim and fit! No wonder they have a lot of celebrities who goes here because their services is jam packed.

I chose the Package E which is Manicure/Pedicure/Hand and Foot Spa.  Before the session, we were served with Tea. I go for Hot Tea and it was delicious. All clients were served with complimentary Tea or Ice Tea. 

The staff came in with the complete set of what she will use with the package I chose. She gave me a foot soak to cleanse my feet and soften it, they used a green jelly which made me really impressed because it was my first time to experience a jelly foot soak. Then comes the scrubbing, since I am very ticklish, I always find it hard to contain my giggle in this part but just the same it feels very soothing. I can feel all the dead skin cells of my feet evaporate into thin air! After this she put on a whitening cream which I totally like because my skin went from normal to dark skin because I just went to El Nido last March and I have all the skin burn as proof of it. After that was the relaxing massage, it was perfect! Just what my tired feet needs! :)

Same procedure with the Hand Spa. What I love about the staff is that they were very thorough with the steps that they were doing. They are definitely not in a rush and they will even engage you in a conversation just so you won't get bored. As for my manicure, it was splendid! I usually get scared of someone doing my nails because I am used to doing it on my own but with them, they do it carefully with light hands. I am happy because she didn't dig any of my nails like there was no tomorrow and I don't even want to go home with bloody fingers and toes. 

I chose the Orly light pink which looks really good. 

I always go for pastel colors and pink is usually the safe color so I didn't hesitate or blink once when I saw that color, it was like a match made in heaven and it was!

After the Foot Spa, we had their signature massage. The sequence was Foot & Hand Spa then Signature Massage then Manicure and Pedicure. The signature massage was a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai massage. It was definitely the most relaxing massage ever. The massage went on for 60 minutes and it was whole body. All the cold and tension in my muscles was gone! I know it because I usually have back aches because at work, it was always cold. I recommend for you to try it and compared to other Spa, theirs is totally affordable. They will surely give you the perfect service for the value of your money. Everything is really worth coming back for.

Klinec Nails and Body Spa is a 2 floor building, the second floor is for massage, facials and Radio Frequency/Cryo-Meso Treatments perfect for those who wants to be slimmer and sexier. 

Luckily, we were able to meet the Proprietor of Klinec Nail & Body Spa which is 
Ms. Jichelle Chua. At her very young age, she is already co-managing the Spa business. 
I commend her because for me, she is running the place smoothly, with staff that she can fully rely on. Their staff will truly take care of you till the end. 

Klinec Nail & Body Spa is also perfect for special occasion because of its amazing location and cozy ambiance that they offer, you can hold an intimate affair here with your friends for birthdays, bridal showers, SPARty with family or just a plain get together and catching with some pampering on the side. This, is by far the best location! And if you're lucky, you might bump with some of the famous stars who also loves to get pampered here at Klinec Nail and Body Spa.

For me, their superb services is very affordable, top it with free massage and FREE WI-FI! what more can you ask for?:) Everyone would love getting pampered while updating your status or IG :-) 

Thank you so much Ms. Jichelle Chua for accommodating us at Klinec Nail & Body Spa, I will definitely come back with my family or friends soon :-)

Once in a while we need a pampering session to shed all the stress we experience for the past few days and it will definitely help to get pampered, so experience the pampering goodness at Klinec Nail & Body Spa, you will surely love it!

Klinec Nail and Body Spa
24-D Kamuning Road, Quezon City
Telephone Nos. 0935-5455718 / 02-4128101
Instagram: @iloveklinec
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 10 PM

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