PLDT Cyberya: Maintaining & Maximizing My Mini Negosyo

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It's week 8 and it's our final week with the Cyberya Bloggers Challenge! I'm thankful to PLDT KaAsenso for giving me this opportunity to experience how it feels like to run a mini-negosyo even just for 2 months. 

It was a bumpy road at first, honestly speaking I didn't have any problems with my internet connection which is PLDT because it is fast here in our area. I suggest that you run a speed test of the internet connection in your area before having it connected so that you won't have any problem in the future.

I did have a problem with their partner PC EXPRESS because I don't think they are aware about "Customer Service". I think PLDT KaAsenso should think twice if they want to 
partner with PC EXPRESS because in the long run, their Cyberya package will have a problem with the customers if these people at PC EXPRESS doesn't know how to help the queries of the customers particularly with the warranty and how to trouble shoot the said unit. But anyhow, I am thankful because PLDT help me in a way possible.

Since I recently won a Canon printer from the weekly challenge, I will use this so that it will
help me maximize my earnings. School days is back and students need to print their home works which is why this is a perfect tandem for my Cyberya Mini Negosyo. 

If ever I win the Cyberya Challenge, I will add more service to the existing service that I offer which is printing. I will sell school materials so that I can earn on the side. Since most of the people who rent here are students, I believe it is perfect to sell school supplies.

At the end of the day, it is also wise to save money while earning. This will help me check my previous earnings and think of other ways to earn or save up for future needs. Having a business  is perfect if you know how to multi task and it also take patience to run one. 

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With Cyberya, owning your very own business is as easy as 1-2-3!

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