CODI Instant Coffee Mix by Upworld Marketing Corporation

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Upworld is a group of marketing professionals with various backgrounds of expertise. They're here to help all of the distributors and their unique needs related to their health and financial goals. No future is too big or too small for them, our goal is to simply help create a positive future for all of the distributors. 

At UP World Marketing, they understand that network marketing is scary and uncertain, especially in today's state of the industry. But, rest assured that in their hands they've helped distributors with all types of backgrounds successfully and happily achieve success with their financial hopes and dreams met and, often exceeded. They want to help make that dream become a reality for you too.

Unlimited Possibilities World Marketing Corporation was established in September 2011. UPWorld, is a Marketing Company dedicated to providing superior nutritional supplements and other health-promoting products utilizing powerful tool to positively influence the health of people around the globe and help them live a life of certainty through financial security.
Just recently, My Bff Jezza Marie who is also an affiliated member and distributor of Upworld products shared me one of their famous products which is the Codi Instant Coffee Mix.

You may think it's just a simple coffee but no, it is jam packed with ingredients that is perfect for our body. Check out the health benefits of Codi Instant Coffee Mix.

GREEN TEA. It is known to help the immune system, prevent diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes, control cholesterol level, and stimulate the central nervous system. It has antioxidants that enhance the skin condition and delay the aging process. It also aids in burning excess body fats, thus helping maintain an ideal body weight. 

ACAI BERRY. It contains ten (10) times the antioxidants of grapes and twice that of blueberries. It works as an excellent diet food because it can increase energy and improve digestion.

GOJI BERRY. It has one of the highest antioxidant ratings, far more Vitamin C than oranges, many times more nutritional iron than spinach, more amino acids than bee pollen, more beta carotene than oranges, cancer-fighting selenium and germanium, a unique polysaccharide found in no other food source known for its potential ability to increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production, and being a dramatic immune system booster as well.

INULIN. is extracted mainly from chicory roots and jerusalem roots. It is known to increase calcium absorption which boosts bone strength. It can also be characterized as a probiotic – a substance that feeds the healthy bacteria in the body’s intestinal system. It also helps reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol and control blood sugar in te body.

L-CARNITINE. It is an amino acid synthesized by the body to aid in metabolizing food into energy. It plays an important role in fatty buildup, especially in the heart, liver and skeletal muscles. It also helps keep blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in check.

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  1. what is the ideal time to drink codi coffee? before breakfast? how often should I drink? twice or once a day?