My Kitkat Break Movement

6:23:00 AM

I've been a big fan of KIT KAT for as long as I can remember. I remember when I was a kid, I usually eat KIT KAT during recess and up until I went to college, I eat KIT KAT whenever I am reviewing or doing my school work like projects and Thesis.

There must be something about KIT KAT that gives me the power to multi task a lot of things especially when I have a deadline even now that I am already working, I take a break with KIT KAT. 
So, I want to unlock the skill of multi tasking at any given time so I can multi task a lot of things and finish it ahead of time. This would be perfect so that I can also help other people finish their task because I already finished my pending tasks.

It would be really nice if I can unlock all the skills like type faster and flawlessly, never forget any detail & create awesome presentation decks. It would help not only me but a lot of people. Work and other obligations would be done much easier. 

But with KIT KAT, accomplishing things can be done much more efficiently and happily if we go on a break once in a while. So I fully recommend that we take a break once in a while with KIT KAT! :)

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