The Janitor: Cinemalaya 2014 Director's Showcase

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Dennis Trillo have portrayed different challenging roles that made him one of the most sought after actor in this generation. After his hit teleserye "My Husband's Lover", who would have thought it will be the most challenging role yet for Dennis? This year Dennis Trillo will be playing the role of Crisanto Espina in the movie "The Janitor" which is featured in the 10th year of Cinemalaya.

During the PressCon of The Janitor, Dennis mentioned that in order for him to prepare for this very challenging role, he underwent MMA training weeks before the shoot. He also interviewed actual modern day hitmen to help him understand his character well. Immersing with these people is also new to him and for him to be in-character, he really have to do it. "They, assassins, were just normal people, you wouldn't have known that they kill for a living. It was chilling meeting people like them, but I realized they were just as human as myself." Dennis said in an interview.

Some of the stars who were part of the film were also present during the PressCon including Nico Manalo (son of famous comedian Jose Manalo) Alex Medina, LJ Reyes, Ricky Davao and the Director, no less than Mr. Michael Tuviera who mentioned that this was his first ever Cinemalaya entry, he added that he feels a bit pressured and nervous but at the same time enjoyed working with actors who are really passionate about their craft since most of them know that doing a movie under Cinemalaya is a low budget film, all of them did it without having a Primadonna attitude. 

It was also the first time LJ and Dennis worked together. As for Nico, according to him, viewers should watch out for his scenes in the movie because it is a bit disturbing and very challenging for him. Shooting those scenes were very difficult for Nico but the outcome was totally worth it. 

In the morning of July 21, 2011, 10 bank employees were found dead inside Mabuhay Savings Bank in San Pedro, Laguna. Considered to be the bloodiest heist in the country, people shouted justice for the victims forcing the authorities to step-up on the case. They turn to Crisanto Espina, a cop who was suspended from the force and seeks to redeem himself, to secretly hunt down the suspects. He is focused to complete the mission assigned to him by his superiors. But as he pursues each suspect, Crisanto  discovers  the  corruption  hidden  within  the  system  that  he  once  believed in.

Joining Dennis in this movie are a star-studded cast led by Richard Gomez as Rudy, Crisanto's boss and mentor, U Reyes as Melba, the loving wife of Crisanto and Derek Ramsay, as SP03 Dindo Marasigan, one of the suspects that Crisanto needs to hunt down. Providing remarkable acting support to the film are Irma Adlawan, Alex Medina, Nico Manalo, Jerald Napoles, Raymond Bagatsing, Dante Rivero and Ricky Davao.

Directed by Michael Tuviera, and written by Aloy Adlawan, The Janitor is produced by APT Entertainment as a part of the Directors Showcase in the upcoming Cinemalaya.

"The Janitor" will be featured during the tenth year celebration of Cinemalaya from August 1 to 10, 2014 and will have a Gala Night on August 4, 6:15pm at the CCP Main Theater.

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