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Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay has worked before in a movie which is also a blockbuster hit "A Secret Affair" with co-star Anne Curtis-Smith and it seems like they have this chemistry that people are really looking forward to watch. Now, they are back in the big screen produced by Viva Films and MVP Pictures. It is directed by Andoy Ranay with co-stars who are equally talented Heart Evangelista and John Estrada. 

Honestly speaking, I have been a big fan of Viva Films ever since, even before they have dominated the movie scene with movies that will touch your heart and will make you feel like the movie that you are watching is your story. Trophy Wife is a movie that I am sure many people can relate to and thanks to Direk Andoy Ranay and to the writers of this movie, they created a movie that is for me 4 out of 5 stars.

There is no denying how amazing John, Cristine, Derek and Heart portrayed their respective roles. 
You can very well see how Cristine Reyes matured in this role and how versatile she has become over the years. Some people might not agree with me which is fine because this is my opinion but I have watched her movies in the past and compared to her acting in this movie, there is depth and I can feel the chill in her character.

The cinematography and the glossiness of the movie is superb! You will totally love how Direk Andoy shot most of the scenes in this movie, I don't know much about the technical stuff when it comes to directing but I know how to appreciate a cinematography and glossiness of a movie since I am a movie buff. Plus, I also love the superb fashion statement of the movie, they look all fashionable not to the extent of overdoing it, Heart looks really beautiful in this movie even Cristine who still looks sexier than ever.

The movie started when Samuel (John Estrada) and Chino (Derek Ramsay) died. Clearly they were from a very rich and prominent family. While Sam is a dutiful son who has helped the family business, Chino is a carefree playboy, who feels it’s too early to take life seriously, even on the occasion of his father’s death.

Chino meets Lani (Cristine Reyes) on one of his nights out, and despite of the fact that she is just a "plain Jane", a relationship develops between them. When a bar fight with a local mayor’s son forces Chino to go in the US, a pregnant Lani loses her baby when she goes to Chino’s house in the hope of getting an explanation for his disappearance. To exact some measure of revenge, Lani reinvents herself and catches the eye of Sam, while a lonely Chino finds his much-missed Filipino food an opportunity to meet Gwen (Heart Evangelista) in the US.

Spoiler alert! It is from this point that plot twists and dark motives surfaces in and out of the picture which heightens our suspense to the movie , there's a lot to this movie that you should find out and the twists of the movie will make you glued to the screen till the end. You will also say the same sentiment like I did when the movie ends, "Makes sense". 

What I also love about the movie is the heated and remarkable arguments that I wanted to say "bravo" to the writer of this film, I am also imagining if maybe Direk Andoy also wrote those lines.

Gwen: Hihinaan ko yung heater baka masyadong mainit.

Lani: Hindi heater ang nararamdaman mo kundi kumukulong dugo ko sa’yo.

Chino: Pasensya ka na, Lani, ‘pag nalawayan na, ayoko na.

Lani: Hindi ba ‘pag nalawayan na hindi na pinamimigay? Ikaw ang nauna, mas may karapatan ka.

and in this cene where Heart saw them in the sauna:
Lani: Tapos na ko, ikaw naman.

Some of the cast are Jackie Lou Blanco, G Toengi,  John James Uy, Kian Kazemi, Jovic Monsod, Clint Bondad, and Jaime Fabregas. 

The ending of the movie is just as good. It has that redeeming factor that will make you forgive who was the bad person or will make you understand that it is better that way. This movie will surely has this blockbuster potential and I congratulate Viva Films for making quality films in this generation.

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