Afterfour Band Launch with their Debut Single "Huling Sayaw ng Puso"

8:24:00 AM

A new band is on the rise and after watching them perform on their official launch, I must say, this band will go a long way because they just showcased an amazing talent on their performance. At first glance you may think that they're just a bunch of teens playing around music instruments but once they started performing, we were all in awe. The concert was produced by Marla David Productions who  believe in the talent of this emerging band.

Their vocalist Koj Daniel Reynes, can really sing! He sung different set of songs during their launch, from old songs to the latest songs with their very own style and we all enjoyed it. 

It was a star studded launch because it was attended by stars who also supported the band and at the same time, they also performed that night. Ms. Isabel Granada sung a couple of songs that night and also hosted the event. Lileth, who is also a popular singer in the 90's also performed. Princess Velasco who became famous with her acoustic renditions also performed then came Bea Binene who sung 2 songs from her new album.

Last but definitely not the least, 2 of the most talented singers also performed that night. Lloyd Umali and Richard Reynoso who in my opinion is still performing at their finest! They really have an amazing and powerful voice. They sung their popular songs that night which made people ask for more.  

After Four is composed of Koj Daniel Reynes (who is also a distant relative of Manilyn Reynes) the vocalist, Mark Pascual Lim (The Bassist), Angelberg Gaditano Josue (lead guitarist), and Justine Poblete Margallo (acoustic guitarist). Right now they are still working on their drummer. They've been doing gigs even before but this is the first time that they will be launched officially as a band. Their musical influences are Vertical Horizon, Eraserheads, Bamboo and more. According to Koj, they can't shrug of comparisons to other bands particularly Calla Lily who I think sounded like them, he said they will just do their best so that they can promote their own music more. Koj also composes their own songs, their debut single "Huling Sayaw ng Puso" was written by Koj who according to him was based on experience, a goodbye song to someone he used to love.

Check out the official music video of Huling Sayaw ng Puso:
The music video features Rhen Escano who is part of GMA Artist Center and was directed by Tyke King Generale.

Check out some of the performances during After Four's launch at Teatrino Greenhills.
Let the love begin - Afterfour with Ms. Isabel Granda

Got to Believe in Magic - Afterfour

Royals by Princess Velasco

Sunlight by Ms.Lileth

Watch out for Afterfour’s debut album this November in record bars nationwide. 
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