Ahglow Hair Rebonding System: A Rebond that Lasts

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Honestly speaking, it can be really stressful have an unmanageable hair,  a hair that have a mind of its own. But still I feel blessed that that our family heritage had a nice hair, the one that is really thick and black. For my hair, it is wavy which is why I always have 2 options for my hair. Either braid it or ponytail it because I usually want to work without thinking of anything else plus it gets really messy when you commute going to work as well and having a bad hair day is my last option too.

My last rebond was like 2-3 years ago and since then I didn't got the chance to have a rebond session again, maybe because I am also scared of the stories I've heard from some salons and also with the busy schedule at work as well. 
Thankfully, I was lucky enough to try the Ahglow Hair Straight Rebonding System. 
The Ahglow Rebonding System uses a five step system that ensures hair is healthy and beautiful even after the chemical, thermal, and mechanical treatments that when used with low-quality products can surely make hair terrible.

Other rebonding products use only two steps, which neglects the need to replenish the hair’s health. After the strand test which they usually do so that the customer would know if her hair can still be rebonded and mine passed with flying colors. Ahglow’s five step system begins with the Straightening Cream, followed by the Keratin Hair Protek, the Neutralizer Cream, the Keratin Conditioner, and the HairKote
They usually do the same process of rebonding but with Ahglow, it's more special because of the five steps. After the straightening cream they put a wrap on my hair for 30 minutes. Then they washed my hair, blow dry and then they applied the Keratin Hair Protek then they ironed it. 

Ahglow Professional Gold Titanium Straightening Iron for SRP P2,200 with warranty

The Ahglow Hair straightening iron is the perfect hair iron for rebonded hair, it has a gold titanium plates which is heavy duty and will not damage the strands of your hair. You can even control the heat of the iron. It has an on and off too. 

Then they applied the Ahglow Hair rebonding system which should only last for 30 minutes. Then they rinse it and used the Keratin Conditioner then voila! It's all done! 
But before that, they blow dried my hair then applied  Ahglow HairKote to my hair. No need to Iron my hair because the result is really beautiful. I really love how my hair turned into shiny, silky and straight hair!

Before and After

Another great thing about Ahglow’s rebonding products is its use of a special ingredient imported all the way from Germany to ensure the quality of the rebond. The ingredient other products just didn’t make the cut for the experts of Ahglow. Ahglow also stands out because it doesn’t smell bad unlike other rebonding products. In fact, it smells pretty pleasant.

Of course, making sure the ingredients used were of top quality was not enough to make Ahglow just the best. Ahglow also made sure that it’s convenient and affordable so any Filipina can enjoy being beautiful with rebonded hair. They made the Stand-Up Pouches, which contain 165g each of Straightening Cream (No. 1) and Neutralizer Cream (No. 2) - great for single use.

Ahglow also offers keratin based conditioners for hair repair and cuticle treatment products formulated for rebonded, relaxed, and even color-treated hair like the original Keratin Reconstructor Conditioner, Avocado Treatment Wax, and the Henna Treatment Wax.
You see, the misconception that hair rebonds last only three months is just that – a misconception. A good rebond can last a really long time if you use the right products and if you commit to maintaining rebonded hair in the long term using great products like Ahglow’s Kerafix. 

I really really love what Ahglow did to my hair, it was like a miracle. From having a wavy hair to a pleasant straight and silky hair. It's juts perfect. What I love most about the process and the treatment is that, what they applied in my hair really smell good! unlike other creams that smell like chemicals, it's my day 2 since my rebond and it still smells good, because I can finally rinse my hair after 3 days.

The chemicals used in hair rebonding and the high heat from the straightening iron can leave hair dull, dry, and damaged, which doesn’t bode well for hair especially in the long term. The products you use for shampooing, conditioning, protection, and keratin replacement are important. This is why the application of Keratin in  my hair is really important. Ahglow is not only after the rebond but also the outcome that will last for a long period of time.

“Ahglow provides the answer when it formulated Kerafix, which is designed specifically for daily care and maintenance of rebounded hair,” said John Lansang, one of the founders and creator of Ahglow.

A good rebond can last a really long time if you use the right products and if you commit to maintaining rebonded hair in the long term using great products like Ahglow’s Kerafix. 

Check out the price range of Ahglow's Products:
Ahglow Straightening Cream-No. 1 - 500g- SRP P660
Ahglow Straightening Cream- No. 1 SRP P120.00 for 165g Stand-up pouch
Ahglow Nutralizing Cream-No.2 300g - SRP P414
Ahglow Hairkote SRP P179 50ml
Ahglow Keratin Conditioner SRP P106-250ml & P196-480ml
hglow Keratin Hair Protect SRP P173-120ml
Kerafix Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo- SRP P95 200ml
Deep Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner-  SRP P95 200ml
Kerafix Leave-On Conditioning HairShine-  SRP P145 65ml

For more details about Ahglow Hair Rebonding System:

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  1. Where can you get this in the U.S??? Please email me sammyenglish33@ymail.com

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  3. been using these for my client for 2years since i finished studied cosmetology.. its really great for all types of hair.... but i never tried pa ung Ahglow Professional Gold Titanium Straightening Iron.. sana may magreregalo this Christmas hehe i want it badly!

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  8. Hi :) You can buy Ahglow Products in Dermcare branches or at Hortaleza :) Thanks!

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