Ding Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera: Officially Engaged!

5:24:00 AM

photo courtesy of GMA Network

Marian Rivera celebrated her birthday tonight at her show "Marian" and one of her guest is boyfriend Ding Dong Dantes. After revealing different pictures of Marian so that her fans will know her better, during the last portion, a picture of a room filled with butterflies was shown, it was their trip to Butterfly Dome at Macau with their family last August 2012 and a tearful Marian hugged Ding Dong. After what seems to be an eternal  commercial gap, Ding Dong finally proposed to Marian on bended knees. 

"I offer you this gift on your birthday. Something that's beyond anything, I offer you myself, my love today and all the days of my life. So please Marian will you be my wife?"

Marian then accepted the offer of marriage by Dantes who introduced her after as “my fiancée”.

Congrats Marian and Ding Dong! It's about time! :)

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