Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!!

11:15:00 PM

I have been a member of OLX Philippines by Sulit for almost 3 years now and based from experience, I sold some of my precious and pre-loved items via their website without any hassle because I make it sure that the buyer is really a sure buyer and I also put all the legit details regarding the item that I will sell so that the buyer will be assured that I am also a legit seller.

Above is the items that I want to sell and they're the following: LG Pocket Photo where you can print cute size pictures anytime and anywhere! Very handy too.  My Samsung Laptop which is very useful to me as well since I used it for blogging too, I owned it for almost 2 years and still in great condition without scratches, same with my iPad 2 that I also used for almost 2 years now, I rarely used it since I usually use a mobile phone, it also comes with the case. Lastly, my SONY DSC WX80 16.2 MP Cyber shot camera.

My most favorite pre-loved item among the 4 that I want to sell is my SONY DSC WX80 16.2 MP Cyber shot camera. I won it via raffle in our Christmas party at work and since then I have been capturing memorable & amazing shots of different special occasions, events and travel memories via this camera. Although we've shared perfect moments together I know it's time to move to greater heights and upgrade because for sure people would also want to own this camera for a cheaper price but still in great condition.

Say Yes Yaman! with OLX.PH! 

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