My Destiny Features 3 of GMA Artist Center's Fresh Faces

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The young stars of GMA Artist Center namely Ruru Madrid, Ashley Ortega and Gabrielle Garcia has a lot to offer not only with their respective talents but also with their charms and wit. They are part of the top rating teleserye airing on primetime via Kapuso channel which is "My Destiny".

Bloggers got the chance to have an intimate chat with these rising stars and they really know how to answer well with our questions. Their love triangle also gives My Destiny another twist giving people more things to look forward to in the said teleserye. 

Ruru Madrid became familiar with everyone when he joined GMA’s reality TV series Protégé: The Battle For the Big Artista Break, where he finished as a runner-up. Shortly after, he landed roles in a string of television series, appeared in drama anthologies, and performed in variety shows, proving that he can sing, dance, and act. Within 2 years after Protege, Ruru has proven himself that he can act and be professional with his work

According to Ruru, he wanted to try different things when it comes to being an actor. He wants to be versatile so that he can portray different characters. He also wants to hone his talents not only in acting but also in singing and dancing which is why we can see him visible in different programs of GMA.

Gabrielle Garcia is not just your typical girl with a beauty queen looks. She has done acting workshops before even before they started with their stint in My Destiny. She plays the sister of Sid Lucero in the said teleserye. Her Mom is an international flight attendant who flies to Europe, Middle East and the US, which is there's no wonder how tall she is, she can pass any Beauty Contest with flying colors. We told her that she would really fit Mutya ng Pilipinas and her Morena looks will give her the crown and witty answers. Because of her Mom, she aspires to become a pilot someday. She is a regular student at St. Paul Pasig where she studies with Julia Baretto.

I got the chance to interview Ashley before when they were officially launch as part of the GMA Artist Center and she was just starting way back then, although she has done ramp modelling before and some product endorsements, she really aspires to become an actress. Ashely Ortega is her screen name but her real name is Ashley Nordstrom. Before she started acting, she was the Ashley who competes for Figure Skating and she is really good at it. She is friend with Michael Martinez and gets to talk to him every now and then. She would love to star in a project that involves figure skating someday. 

Ashely, Gabrielle and Ruru has definitely become more closer each day since they've been working closely as a love triangle, even more so, they know each other more. The girls said there's never a dull moment with Ruru because he loves to share jokes and tell stories about almost anything under the sun. Although people might say that they're all a new comer, they said that they're willing to prove them that they are very worthy to be in this kind of business and they are hoping that people would continue to support them on their teleserye "My Destiny."

Gabrielle & Ashley invites you to watch My Destiny:

Catch Ruru Madrid, Ashley Ortega, and Gabrielle Garcia in My Destiny, weeknights after Nino, on GMA Telebabad.

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  1. Gabbi Garcia is really really pretty on screen. She got me hooked.