Once a Princess Showing on August 6 in Cinemas Nationwide!

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Fans of Enchong and Erich are surely excited for them comeback because it's been two years since their last team up as a love team which is I Do, a romance comedy film back in 2010.
They also did a remake teleserye Maria la del Barrio (2011-2012)
I am one of those who are excited to watch their film simply because I love their tandem. They have this "kilig" factor in them without forcing it. 

Their film is a movie adaptation of the Precious Hearts Romances novel of the same title.
Directed by no less than Laurice Guillen.

Erich will play the role of Erin, a rich girl who gets everything she wants in her life. She crosses paths with geek guy Leonard (Enchong). Knowing that Leonard has feelings for her, Erin flirts and breaks up  with him out of nowhere.

After seven years, Erin and Leonard's paths meet again and this time their lives had switched. Everything in Erin's life is falling apart, including her marriage. 

During their PressCon, all of the main cast including JC De Vera revealed that they have matured now with this role. Before, they used to play "pa-tweetums" role now, especially in this movie, their roles are more grown up and takles not only love but other aspects as well.

Enchong talked about his character, "Leonard is a scientist. Matalino siya at outcast siya and naging mayaman siya." Erich told us about her role as well,  "Ang Once a Princess, story siya ng 17-year-old girl na mayaman, may buhay-prinsesa. "Na-meet niya si Leonard na isang geek...hindi niya napigilan na ma in love siya and something tragic happened kaya naghiwalay sila. Hindi okay ang paghihiwalay nila. "After 7 years, nagkita ulit sila and since hindi okay ang [past] nila, tina-try nila na mabuo kung ano man ang mayroon sila dati." 

Enchong revealed that he is grateful to be given the chance to work again with Erich since he says there are a lot of fans who continue to support their tandem. Asked why it took that long before they did a project once again, Enchong said that they needed to grow as an individual artist so that they can be more perfect for the roles they are portraying. 
Both of them said that even though they didn't made any prjects that time, they still have contact to one another and the friendship was still there."Yung friendship na talagang walang halo na showbiz. "It's a friendship that really lasts. Whatever we've been through, away-bati, okay kami."

28 year old JC has learned a lot from his past roles and this one is nothing different. 
Just like in the movie, he treats women like a princess, “I serve her, love her and I don’t hurt her.” In the movie, Damian who is JC will fall for Erin who is Erich leading to a relationship but will end up in a complicated one.

The actor said that it was actually a challenge to portray Damian, in as much as their personalities are quite different from each other.

If anything, he revealed that, like Damian, he “lost himself” once for love in real life.

“When it comes to love, there are times you lose control of yourself. You can get mad, be crazy and hurt people. Love can be destructive. That’s what I experienced before but not as violent as what is depicted in the film,” he said.

JC confessed that playing Damian pushed his abilities as an actor. He is thankful to have award-winning filmmaker Laurice Guillen as director.

“I had a hard time but I wasn’t nervous because we had director Laurice Guillen. She taught us a lot of techniques and we became comfortable with each other. Moviegoers will see how we worked hard in this film. They’ll see how our characters develop, which will be very interesting to watch,” JC said.

Angel Bautista (author of the novel of the same title from which the film was based) gave Skylight Films and  Regal Films enough material to work on, the fans of the said book shouldn't worry about any alteration to the book because they asked for Angel's guidance to the movie. Fans of Angel’s book would notice how their favorite characters “developed in the movie.” This is partly because Skylight Films wanted to expand the film’s market.

Starlight Films describes “Once A Princess” as a poignant drama that explores the manner by which the purist of love could be tainted by deception, false hopes and betrayal.

“Once A Princess” has been rated Parental Guidance (PG) by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB)
Showing on August 6 in cinemas nationwide!

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