Somebody to Love by Regal Films Movie Review

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I had the chance to watch this wonderful film thanks to Regal Films for including us Bloggers to the star studded premiere of Somebody to Love at SM Mega Mall last August 19.

When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I said to myself, okay, another Rom-Com movie but when I saw who directed it, Direk Jose Javier Reyes, I got curious. It was indeed a star studded movie filled with the most sought after stars of this generation: Iza Calzado, Carla Abellana, Matteo Guidecelli, Jason Abalos, Maricar Reyes, Isabelle Daza, Ella Cruz, Kiray Celis, Albie Casino, Alex Castro, Beauty Gonzales and Nathalie Hart with special participation of Jaclyn Jose, Jackie Lou Blanco. 

It was indeed a fun movie that everyone can relate to. I like how Direk Joey made the transition of different scenes from one story to another giving each character a chance to shine. The glossiness of the movie is just perfect which I really appreciate. The combination of comedy, romance and light drama is what everyone needed right now since we are all tired of watching heavy drama every night via teleseryes, this is the perfect chance for us to breathe out all the negativity and just relax and enjoy a movie.

The story evolved on how each characters of this movie were somehow connected to each other even though they are perfectly strangers.  This actually happens in real life, we have friends who are somehow an acquaintance with people in our past.  Aside from the nice execution on how they are all connected with each other, the lines that they delivered were just as perfect! kudos to Direk Joey who also wrote this film! there was never a dull moment, every punch line was a success! most of the viewers that night were laughing their hearts out.

My favorite characters in the movie who really caught my attention were Kiray Celis and Vince De Jesus, they're totally hilarious! I really enjoyed their respective roles and most of their lines were really funny. They were in a love triangle in the story and there was a line thrown by Vince in the movie describing how awful Kiray look which most of the viewers really loved.

Maricar Reyes has proven already in the past how good she is when it comes to drama and in this movie she showed she really is that good in this field. She portrayed the "legal wife" who can't have a baby which is why her husband is busy dating a so-called beauty queen Nathalie Hart. I love the scene where she said to his husband, "Hindi ako bobo! alam ko ang lahat! Just because I can't give you a baby you have the licence to treat me like that!" or something like that but the scene was just so intense I felt like crying. Bravo Maricar!

Iza Calzado is just as perfect. She is one of those few versatile actress that can act whatever the director tells her to do whether it may be comedy, drama or horror with just a snap of the finger. Her transition from doing comedy to drama is intense as well. It was hilarious in the movie that she was called, "PPP" Pambansang Pekpek ng Pilipinas! I can't stop laughing at that. Imagine being a respectable TV icon, she does everything just to maintain her image and get a high rating for her show, her line was, "mas pinapanood pa nila ang Popeye and Sponge Bob kesa sa show ko!"

All in all, I love how every actor portrayed their roles in this movie. Carla and Matteo really look good together as a couple in this movie with a nice love triangle with Jason Abalos. Ella Cruz look so pretty in the movie together with Beauty Gonzales who delivered well with Kiray Celis.

I totally recommend for you to watch this feel good movie. It's time to relax and watch something that would make you laugh and realize how lucky you are to have friends, family and love ones who are there to support you.

Somebody to Love is now showing in cinemas nationwide. This is also a birthday presentation of Mother Lily Monteverde of Regal Films. 

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