Stars of Kapamilya Teleserye Pure Love Thankful for the High Ratings

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As we all know, Pure Love is a remake of the hit Koreanovela Pure Love (aka 49 Days) which was shown in the Philippines 2 years ago. The ABS-CBN Philippine adaptation stars Arjo Atayde, Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco. I didn't get the chance to watch it everyday on time since I am working but I watch it via iWanTV.  I must I was hooked to this series!
If you haven't got the chance to watch it, then you might be missing 1/4 of your life :-)

But just to share with you what the story is about, Pure Love is about the story of Diane (Alex), an optimistic rich girl who seems to have everything; and Ysabel (Yen), an average working girl who led a rather ‘lifeless’ life since her boyfriend died. DIANE’s life seems to be storybook-perfect. She is the apple of her parents’ eyes. 

The life of every party. Adored by her bestfriends, KAYLA and JACKIE. And engaged to be married to the most perfect gentleman, RAYMOND, her fiance for two years and an officer in her father’s realty development company. She wakes up each day with a bright smile and brighter prospects, and she lives to cheer everyone that comes her way. In another part of the city, YSABEL lives a life in total contrast. Working on a nightshift at a 24-hour burger joint, she goes home as the day breaks to a rundown apartment where she lives alone, and sleeps until it is dark again. She has no family, no friends, and hardly talks to anyone. In the hours between work and sleep, she frequently contemplates suicide. 

One fateful day, Diane and Ysabel’s lives become entangled when Ysabel finally decides to end her life by walking into oncoming truck on the road. However, a stranger saves her life by pulling her to the side. This results to a massive pile up of vehicles on the road, at the end of which is Diane’s car, who fails to hit the brakes so she crashes head on into the vehicle in front of her and she is thrown out of the car. When Diane regains consciousness, she finds out that she has been thrown out as well from her physical body, which is now in coma. Diane is unable to make physical contact with anyone, until she finds SCHEDULER, who reveals to her that he is a spirit assigned to guide souls of dead people to their final destination. He explains to her that although she is braindead, it is not yet her time to die and is given the chance to recover from coma and resume her life, that is, after completing a mission within 40 days. 

Thankfully, Bloggers and a few members of the press were able to visit the stars of Pure Love on their set for an intimate chat about their teleserye. These five stars namely Alex Gonzaga, Arjo Atayde, Joseph Marco and Matt Evans said that they feel very blessed for this winderful project that ABS CBN gave to them. 49 days in Korea is a very popular Koreanovela, and was also a hit when it was shown here in the Philippines, so it was quite a challenge for them to portray these roles especially if the previous soap was a success.

According to Arjo, he was not able to watch the Koreanovela but he knows what it is all about, he research the story behind it and before taping, he makes it a point that he will deliver well because he doesn't want to disappoint his director and cast especially Alex. He even added that it is a dream come true working with Alex because he used to have a crush on her because she is a very outgoing person and very professional as well but he doesn't want that to meddle with their project so as much as possible, he wants to give his best to this project.

Arjo is now working with his mom Sylvia Sanchez who is now part of Pure Love. She is“Ramona” in the show who is the mother of Raymund (Arjo). Arjo metioned that he is indeed excited to work with his mother and it is also a dream come true. 

Joseph Marco plays the role of Sir Dave Martinez, this is the perfect role for him as he returns to being the "leading man" type of character. His last leading man role was way back in 2010 with "Sabel" with co-star Jessy Mendiola. He said that he has been waiting for a role like this for quite some time now and the wait is definitely worth it because it gave him more project line ups this year. He is also part of the much awaited movie with James Reid and Nadine Lustre "Talk Back and You're Dead as "Red" and he is also part of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash this September, he is really blessed! He said that he was able to prepare for his role in Pure Love because they attended workshops as well. He said that he is very committed with his acting career and he wanted to give it all to stay in this business. 

I am also really happy to see Matt Evans having projects here and there. He is also part of the movie "Once a Princess" and now that he is part of Pure Love with a major roles as well, he is definitely back in the business and I hope for good!  He said that because he is so excited with this project, he watched the Koreanovela series 49 days so that he will also know more about his character. He feels happy to be working with Yen and Alex who he said acts like a pro. He really likes his co-stars because the ambiance is the set is always light because of Alex who always loves to make them laugh while taping even though they are all tired or sleepy. Now that is a a hand on Dad, he mentioned that his priorities right now has changed compared to before. He loves his family and at the same time his craft which is acting. 

Even though Alex Gonzaga is very busy with a lot of projects left and right, he still manages to take time off and focus on other things like her upcoming book that tackles about love advice based on her experience. Although you might think that she cracks that funniest jokes and lines, she is a very deep person. At 26, she said that she feels very blessed and right now, she really doesn't mind still being compared with her sister because after all, Toni paved way for her to be where she is right now. She is in fact thankful and grateful. 

Alex said that she is happy because Pure Love is gaining high ratings consecutively and even trending online. She added that Pure Love really has a nice story that people can relate into, the best cast and production team. But for Alex, what does Pure Love means?she said, “When a person loves you without expecting anything in return. In the past, I thought what I had was pure love, but I was wrong. When I meet a new guy, kinikilatis ko muna. If I see that we’re not compatible, I don’t waste time anymore.”

Watch Pure Love on iWanTV!

Directed by Veronica Velasco, “Pure Love” also features Arjo Atayde, Arron Villaflor, Matt Evans, Yam Concepcion, and Anna Luna, a neophyte among the cast. Completing the cast are Sunshine Cruz, John Arcilla, Ana Capri, Bart Guingona, Dante Ponce, and Shey Bustamante.

Don’t miss “Pure Love,” weeknights before “TV Patrol” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For more updates, log on to, follow @PureLovePH on Twitter, and “like” the show’s official Facebook page at

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  1. I love watching the show ,it's a story that people can relate to.The stars are so good in their roles that everyday I look forward for the next episode.I just retired so now I can watch all the teleserye's especially Pure love.