Dading: The Last Few Weeks

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Dading, which is a combination of “Daddy” and “bading,” is a light yet emotionally compelling tv series that aired after Eat Bulaga and The Half Sisters starring the brilliant stars of Kapuso Network, Gabby Eigenmann portrays the role of "Dading" and he sure portrayed it perfectly. This GMA Afternoon prime series gave a whole new meaning on what challenges lies ahead of being a gay parent, but believe me, their story captures the reality of life, a story that happens everyday.

Bloggers got the chance to interview the main cast of "Dading" during the set visit,
they will be airing their last few weeks which also breaks the hearts of its avid viewers specifically the main character Gabby Eigenmann who treats his role as his baby. 
We were lucky to interview him since we all know he is going through a tough time right now since his father Mark Gil died a couple of weeks ago. He mentioned that he is in a "fragile"
state right now but being the professional type of actor he is, the show must go on.

Gabby added that "Dading" is very close to his heart because he also formed a strong bond with his co-actors, a thing that he rarely experience since this time, with his co-actors, he found something they all believe in. He also shared that although he feels sad that the show will soon end, he knows for a fact that "all good things must come to an end" and it is wiser to end on a high note since they have good ratings. He also felt grateful to the fans who supported the show and even go beyond of making them trend on social media sites. 
Gabby gained praises online since he showcased an amazing portrayal of being a gay father.

Benjamin Alves on the other hand has proven himself that he escaped the shadow of his famous relative Piolo Pascual and is now making a big name of himself in the showbiz industry. Marked as one of the most sought after hot leading man/bachelor of today
he is really showing great potential in acting. His co-stars said that he is very professional with what he does, he treats everyone as his friend and although he is busy with taping, shooting, pictorials and more, he has a life. He is very involve in sports specifically in biking and triathlon. He, also loves to eat! although it may not be visible with his physique but you may very well check out his intagram and drool with his #TeamOink posts.

Benjamin plays the role of Joemer in "Dading" and he said that he feels he owe it to those people who loyal support the show. He feels grateful that people are tweeting online remarking about their respective roles and he wonders why nobody loves his role as Joemer may and he wonders aloud like, "Wala bang may gusto kay Joemer" and then it sinked to him of course, they all love Carding! Up until now it hasn't sink in to him that the show will end pretty soon since he is very close to his co-actors.  When asked how he would want "Dading" to leave a mark to the people and he said that he praises GMA for choosing the perfect story that will give wonderful lessons to viewers watching the show. He felt grateful that GMA chose brilliant actors that will perfectly portray the role given to each one of them.

Benjamin will be part of Cosmo Bachelor Bash this coming September 24 and girls are going ga-ga over his pictures  much more when it will be his turn on the runway. We are all looking forward on your spectacle Ben!

It was a different story with Glaiza De Castro and Chyna Ortaleza who became the best of friends because of the show Dading. Chyna mentioned in the interview that when she first saw Glaiza, she instantly felt a connection to her. Both of them mentioned that this is their first time to be that "close" with their co-actors and they even update each other with the most simple things via iMessenger. There was one time that Chyna narrated to us how thoughtful Glaiza was when she gave her a CD, because both of them love the same genre of music and while she was listening to the song while driving, she felt the sudden urge to stop and listen to it because she felt really moved.

When we did a group interview, the cast told us how they are handling this Separation anxiety with the show, the staff, their beloved director Ricky Davao and the cast.
Glaiza, Benjamin and Chyna mentioned how star struck they were working with Direk Ricky Davao, they were like "Wow! we are going to work with an icon". Although Direk Ricky never make them feel awkward because of his great stature in show business, he made them feel inspired to do their best on their respective roles. Gabby on the other hand doesn't feel that way since while he was still a baby, Direk Ricky already knows him and would lift him up and made the most embarrassing experience, he peed on Direk Ricky while he was still a toddler which is why he feels he knows Direk Ricky all his life.

Gabby made the last few words about the show and it really left a mark on all of us. He said that "Dading" is not all about the lead actor which is him. It's all about the story and the whole cast. "We needed each other." He said that they should make the most of it until the last day of their taping. He added that it is one of those rare moments that they should feel lucky that GMA handpicked them to experiment on a wonderful tv show that people will gain a lot of lessons to be learned. 

It will be the last few weeks of Dading and I'm sure it will be a tearjerker one.
 From the direction of the award-winning actor Ricky Davao and from the original concept of Denoy Navarro-Punio, Dading is supervised by SVP for Entertainment, Lilybeth G. Rasonable; VP for Drama, Redgie Acuña Magno; AVP for Drama, Cheryl Ching-Sy; Program Manager, Camille D. Hermoso with Executive Producer, Marjorie P. Garcia. 

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