GMA Artist Center September Birthday Celebrants: Frencheska, Maricris, Julian, Arianne, Mayton and Rita

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Kapuso Stars under the helm of GMA Artist Center celebrated their birthday in a very special way, this time giving back the blessings that they have in their respective fields. 
The September celebrants were Arianne Bautista, Maricris Garcia, Mayton Eugenio, Julian Trono, Rita De Guzman and Frencheska Farr. The venue was at Graces Home for the Aged at Quezon City.

Graces Home for the Aged gave the birthday celebrants a warm welcome, even singing them birthday song when they all arrived. They were very active, smiling and participating with the fun games. It was nice that GMA Artist Center always take their time to reach out together with their talents to give hope, spread happiness and share something for people who are in need of support, love and care even for just a couple of time.

Tess Bomb hosted the said birthday celebration and she really made it sure that this birthday event will be a fun, memorable one not only for the celebrants but also to the elderly. 

The first part of the program was the fun games for the elderly, they eagerly participated and they all were given special prizes. After was the performances of the birthday celebrants which I uploaded via Youtube below. 

Frencheska Farr and Maricris Garcia shred their prowess in singing via a song number and mind you it was live. Even thoug it was raining hard and we are experiencing technical problems with the audio, they proved that the show must go on. Both of them shared that this was their first time to celebrate their birthday in a charity event and they feel really happy that this is how they did it. Frencheska said that it feels very rewarding to see how the lolos and lolas enjoy the program. 

Maricirs will be part of the upcoming afternoon serye "Yagit" soon on GMA. Frencheska on the other hand is busy preparing for a free admission concert which is part of her birthday offering this coming October. It will be held at Teatrino, Greenhills this coming October 16.

Mayton Eugenio and Julian Trono who are really good in dancing showed how they own the dance floor. They performed a dance showdown and even asked the lolos and lolas to participate and dance with them. 

It is no wonder that Mayton dance really well simply because she got this wonderful talent straight from her famous Mom Geleen Rugenio who have choreographed a lot of the famous dance moves in the past even at the present. She will also be part of an upcoming teleserye soon on GMA, you can watch her as well via Sunday All Stars.

Julian Trono mentioned that he has been part of many charity events before but it was his first time at Graces and it really touch his heart. He said that he was very close to his grandparents which is why this is memorable to him. He already spent his birthday with his family in a simple gathering. At an early stage he already knows how to run a business. They have a dance studio where he teaches different types of dancing whether hip hop, zumba or cha cha name it. But for now, they stopped operating because they are looking for a much bigger venue. 

Arianne Bautista is one of the new talent of GMA Artist Center and since she has been hosting before she started showbizness, she is being honed in that field. Tess Bomb asked her to host the event with her and she did so flawlessly, I hope she will be given more hosting stints in GMA soon. She said that it was her first time as well to celebrate her birthday this way but it has been her dream to take part in big charity events like this and doing it in her birthday was a memorable one.

Last but definitely not the least is Rita De Guzman who came from her film class on La Salle.
Rita is one of those young actress that you should really watch out for, I've watched her in different teleserye in GMA and have seen her as well in Kamkam and she is in fact a very good actress. A versatile actress and multi-talented as well. Not only does she acts, dance but also have a golden voice! She said that she visited Graces before when she was a kid and even when she was a kid, she loves doing charity events. Now that she is blessed with wonderful projects, she feels that this is one of the many ways she can give back to others. 

She is currently part of Strawberry Lane and she mentioned that she loves doing many challenging roles, it gives her a sense of satisfaction that she can accept any role and can master her craft at the same time. She will launching her very first album soon and we are all excited for her album because this girl can really sing! 

After the program, it was time to give back special gifts to the lolos and lolas! All them were given gifts from the birthday celebrants that day. They also took a time off to chat with the elders and ask how they were doing. Given the chance, I would also love to celebrate my birthday at this place. If I will win in the LOTTO in the grand pot money, I will donate it to the elders and give them a much wonderful life. It always boils down to that realization that we should always take a time off and take care of our elders. They once took care of us and when they grew old, its our chance to give them that special love they once gave us.

The birthday celebration will not be possible without the support of GMA Artist Center, Tous Le Jours, Zanea, Minute Burger and Monreo Biscuits.

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