Ibong Adarna: The Pinoy Adventure Now Showing in Cinemas Nationwide!

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Jun Urbano directed the latest adaptation of the 18th century epic about a magical bird "Ibong Adarna". I can still remember vividly back when I was still in high school, we would read this book and before the year ends, we would have a play about the said book. Of course, the one who would play Ibong Adarna should also have a magical voice, since I don't have that enchanting voice, I always end up as part of the production team.

Ibong Adarna: The Pinoy Adventure features some of the best actors the Philippine cinemas have and also the next generation of stars we should watch out for.  One of those is Rocco Nacino who plays the role of "Sigasig", son of the Sultan played by one of my favorite award winning actor Joel Torre and Sultana played by Angel Aquino who looks so beautiful and fresh in the movie. 

Prinsipe Sigasig will try to save his dying father because Leo Martinez who plays the scheming half-brother asked a wicked witch (portrayed by Lilia Cuntapay) to cast a spell on the sultan so that he can reign as the next succesor but before that happens, he should get rid first of the brave and pure hearted Prinsipe Sigasig who is in the search for the magical bird, Ibong Adarna because it is the only cure for his dying father.

In all fairness to Rocco, I truly believe that he is a good actor. Ever since I have watched him playing different roles via GMA 7's teleseryes, he has proven himself that he is a versatile actor and he can really act. He is one of my favorite actors in the Kapuso Network and also 
under the helm of GMA Artist Center. 

In this movie, he showed how good he is when it comes to fight scenes, he can very well balance drama and comedy, I wish he will also do a comedy project someday because I think he very well fit in in that kind of genre aside from drama.

We all know the story of Ibong Adarna, but for the benefit of the next generation, this movie is just perfect because teens nowadays should also learn more about our rich culture. I worked before in one of the famous Komiks publication in history who is famous in producing "Komiks" back in their glorious days which is Atlas Publication. Above is the komiks rendition of Ibong Adarna published by Atlas Publication.

Ibong Adarna is written by Jose De la Cruz. The story evolves around the town of Berbanya rules by Don Fernando and Donya Valeriano who has three sons namely Don Pedro, Don Diego and Don Juan, of whom Don Juan is his favorite. One night, their king fell ill and they've done everything but still, the king remained half dead. The only cure is the Ibong Adarna. The 3 sons went on ajourney just to find the magical bird but among the three who undergo a lot of hardships a long the way, the kind hearted Don Juan went home with the magical bird even saving his two wicked brothers who later on changed their bad ways and the kingdom was revived when the King finally got healed because of the enchanting voice of Ibong Adarna.

Jun Urbano with the cast of ‘Ibong Adarna: The Pinoy Adventure’
The movie is endorsed by the Department of Education which made Direk Jun Urbano even pleased. Direk Jun created "Mr. Shooli" Mongolian Barbecue, a comedy tv show back then. He made several changes to the film but stick to the moral lesson and the main story of Ibong Adarna. 

The cinematography of the film is just superb which is set at different locations likeTanay, Rizal; Calatagan, Batangas; Mountain Province and Quezon. I also love the set design and the costumes which will really travel you back in time.

The animation used "CGI" is quite impressive as well. The combination of Leo Martinez and Benjie Paras as the dynamic duo is really witty and funny, the crown goes wild every time they hit their punch lines especially the "tanga!" part. Pat Hernandez played the role of the diwata while the Ibong Adarna who later turned into a beautiful young lady is Binibining Pilipinas 2012 candidate Karen Gallman. Ronnie Lazari is also part of the film among others.

I really hope people would watch this film especially the kids and teens of today's generation.
This will surely widen their interest in our rich culture and history. 

Produced by Gurion Entertainment, “Ibong Adarna: The Pinoy Adventure” will open in theaters nationwide on Oct. 1.

Watch the full trailer here:

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