Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House: A Whole New Level of Thai Dining Experience

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This is my first time to try Thai food and I feel very excited to try Sweet Chili's dishes. I've read reviews about Thai Restaurants and although I am not very fond of Spicy food, that is yet to be proven once I tried Sweet Chili's Menu.

Coming at the heels of Gerry's refashioning - dropping 'Grill' from its name, a homier, more family-oriented and casual dining ambiance - comes a new addition to its growing portfolio of restaurant chains: Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodles Restaurant.

 I felt a comfortable vibe upon entering the establishment. Sweet Chili is a cozy restaurant that was neither too casual nor too upscale. The simple furnishing and dim tones of the interiors made me feel relaxed, the ambiance will make you feel like you're at Thailand. I together with fellow Bloggers invited that day immediately checked out the menu that listed a variety of Thai offerings and I was grateful to see dish descriptions because I am not really familiar with Thai Dishes.

"The combination of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavors makes Thai cuisine exotic and distinct. With its immense popularity it is impossible not to find a Thai restaurant even in Western countries," says Gerry Apolinario, the successful entrepreneur behind Gerry's at the opening of Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House located at the 2nd Floor of Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.

Of course, I wanted to sample one of Thailand’s most iconic dishes, Seafood tom yum, a hot and sour soup with fresh shrimp, squid and fish in authentic herb soup. Typically, Filipinos go for mildly spicy only which is why when I tasted it, my surprise, I can use the term "gumuguhit sa lalamunan". but after sipping a couple of more, I begun to love it. You should sip it while it's hot.

Another must-try and also one of my favorite is Phad Thai Plain which is sauteed Thai rice noodles with shrimp, tofu, bean sprout in tamarind sauce wrapped in egg. Don't forget to sprinkle it with peanuts to add more flavor! I think I almost ate half of the serving because it really tasted that good. The taste really lingers making you want another serving of it.

Another favorite is the Bagoong Rice which is served good for 4. It is a bagoong fried rice topped with sweet pork, shredded fried egg, green mango and onion. The presentation is nice
and I also love the taste since I love Bagoong. I enjoyed the savory bagoong rice that featured a contrast of flavors — sweet pork, salty shrimp paste, and tangy green mangoes.

The Chicken Pandan is also a must -try. I love this paired with Bagoong Rice!
It is marinated boneless chicken, mind you, boneless! wrapped in Pandan leaves served with sweet chili sauce. The scent of Pandan makes it even more appetizing. Two thumbs up for this.

We also tried their Grilled Liempo, at first you would think it's just the regular liempo that other resto served but when you taste it, it is really juicy, tender and you must dip it with their lemon tamarind sauce because it is just perfect. 

Sweet Chili also offers fresh sea food dishes just like their King Fish in Herbed Sweet and Sour sauce with garlic Thai herbs. You can really say that the fish is fresh with just one bite of it. The sauce is just as delectable.

Our Thai feast continued when they served the Stir Fried Spicy Chicken in Basil Leaves is a dish that you can also pair with their Bagoong Rice. It is very tasty, I didn't mind adding any condiments on this one. Any dish with Basil is just as good.

Sweet Chili's Seafood Rice in Basil Sauce which is good for 4.  The dish is visually appealing, it looks like a seafood paella, once you try it, it tasted a bit chili and sour. Perfect for those who loves anything spicy.

Last but definitely not the least, my ultimate favorite! For dessert they served us with Thako. Thako is a famous dessert at Thailand. It is a soft tapioca pearl and coconut cream topped with decicated coconut in pandan leaves. Even though I was pretty full, I just had to end my meal with something sweet. 

One order has six servings and I could actually imagine myself finishing the whole platter. Maybe I’ll do that on my next visit — when no one is watching. hahaha! I'm serious. 

All in all it was a delectable experience. I would definitely recommend Sweet Chili to everyone who loves Thai food and people who loves a perfect dining experience. 

"Food is good for sharing at very affordable prices. Excellent meals need not be expensive. We never compromise on taste - and value for money," says Apolinario whose brand expansion began two years ago with the opening of Kusina ng Gerry's, a self service, fast-casual restaurant, which offers value meals as low as Php120.

Sweet Chili hopes to open one more branch before the year ends.

Meanwhile, Pinoy icon Gerry's continues to expand to more locations with seven more branches set to open in time for the Christmas season.

Now with more than 65 branches nationwide, the homegrown restaurant opened a branch in Tuguegarao last August 31 and will be opening soon in Cagayan; A.S. Fortuna in Cebu City, Fishermall in Quezon City, SM Sta. Mesa; Robinson's Antipolo, Robinson's Las Pinas and Aseana in Paranaque City.

Gerry's has also made waves abroad with two branches in the U.S., two in Singapore and one in Qatar.

Kusina ng Gerry's, meanwhile, recently opened at Starmall San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan; and has branches at the ground floor level of SM Hypermart in Taguig City and Harbor Point Mall in Subic. It is set to open a branch at Starmall Cebu this year.

For more information log on to www.gerrysgrill.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sweetchiliph

Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House
2nd Floor Fisher Mall
Formerly known as Pantranco
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

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