Beauty in a Bottle Premieres October 29 in Cinemas Nationwide!

8:25:00 AM

Quantum and Skylight Films proudly presents another film that will tackle insecurities and what real beauty is all about. Starring Assunta De Rossi, Angeline Quinto and Angelica Panganiban. 

The movie, written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone, tells how three women (Angeline, Assunta de Rossi, and Angelica Panganiban) cope in their quest for overcoming their beauty (or lack of it) issues.

It will be the second movie of Angeline Quinto after being paired with Coco Martin in the movie, "Born to Love You". For me, Angeline is really meant for Comedic roles, she fits in naturally, she knows how to throw in punch lines which at times may look she's just telling a joke but the truth is, what she is saying is a fact after all and based from experience. 

In the presscon of the said movie, Angeline recalled that there were times in the past that she indeed felt ugly especially those times when she was still auditioning in different singing contests. 

“People would ask to have their pictures taken with the other candidates, and ignored me,” she says. Only a few asked for her autograph. One time, a group of fans asked her to take their picture with one of her fellow candidates. They thought she, too, was just one of them.

Angeline admitted that it's past time she undergoes improvement because it will also boost her self esteem and confidence, she has been taking injections administered by a doctor to make her skin fairer and smoother. She believes her beauty has leveled up somewhat, from 20 percent then by her own estimation to 70 percent at present.

Assunta on the other hand portrays a much different role compared to her sexy roles in the past, this time, she will feel insecure to Ellen Adarna in the movie because she is young, fairer and sexier. Assunta admitted that right now she is indeed trying to gain some weight because her doctor said she needed it if she wanted to have a baby and her husband, also wanted to her to have sexy curves.

Beauty In A Bottle Press Conference 7 220x160
As for Angelica Panganiban, she is dealing with aging and being fat. All three find their hopes being buoyed by a so-called beauty solution in a bottle.

In portraying a woman coping with overweight issues, Angelica claimed that she purposely gained a lot of weight to look credible in the part. Most of the press and bloggers find it really funny but we all know how good Angelica is when it comes to comedy and throwing punch lines. 

Angelica admitted that is has been an on and off battle with gaining weight issues. She loves to cook and eat which is why she is having a hard time to maintain her weight but nevertheless, she loves her curves right now and we believe so is JLC. “Of course, you get hurt sometimes but I’m not totally affected. I mean, it’s my choice whatever I want to do, like if I want to eat or I want to wear make-up at kung ito di mo gusto, hindi rin naman kita gusto so it’s just fair.”

What part of her body does her beau John Lloyd Cruz love the most?

“Feeling ko ‘yung lips ko because he would always kiss me on the lips.”

She added that comedy is really difficult for her maybe because she has been doing drama scenes for the past 10 or so years. 

“Beauty in a Bottle,” produced by Skylight Films and Quantum Films, is co-written by director Jadaone with Chris Martinez. The romantic comedy opens Oct 29.

Watch the trailer here:

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