Bliss Beauty Lounge: Redefining Royal Treatment and Relaxation

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I’m not really the kind of girl who regularly visit a hand and foot spa salons. I usually do the  cutting and polishing of my nails on my own since I was thought that way, my mom would do her nails from manicure to pedicure on her own and I also get used to that practice. 
It was not really my first time to try hand and foot spa, I have experienced different services in different spa & lounges and so far my experience were fine.
However, my experience with Bliss Beauty Lounge change that. 

I unfortunately “grew” an ingrown on my right big toe a few years back because I had it done with someone which traumatized me with pedicure service with almost anyone. 
After what seems to be forever, I finally got the courage to try foot spa and my experience with Bliss Beauty Lounge is just worth risking that chance.

I love girly and posh decorations, Bliss Beauty Lounge  was very pretty and relaxing! I admire how they achieved the French-inspired paradise look. It was filled with a white themed overalls,white pillows thrown over white couches. The sight instantly got me excited! It was as if I am just at home, only better because I get to “live” in a very regal and relaxing home after a busy day outside.

Check out my throne where I got my desired service. You get to plop down on the big white couch and prop up your feet on the stretchable foot rest under the couch. One of the ladies who were also getting their nails done even fell asleep! It was that comfy I too almost fell asleep!

The lighting, the wall color and the decorations all added to the ambiance of beauty and sophistication inside Bliss Beauty Lounge. I really love the small Eiffel Tower on that table, I want one in my room as well.

There’s a table beside the couch so you can get your free coffee fix with cookies while relaxing and getting pampered. Magazines are also available to keep you entertained while availing of your nail service.

I availed of the SPA ALL YOU CAN MENU

It included nail grooming, nail polish, scrub and spa. To start off the “treatment”, 
when you avail of the Spa all you can menu, the services will not be done simultaneously, it will be one service after another. Check out the promo mechanics on the picture above for more details. They first put Dead sea salt on my skin then mud and then comes the cleansing.

I find the steps really relaxing though, when my arms were scrubbed, it felt really clean and fresh plus I super love the pomegranate scent! They told me it was a signature scent of Bliss Beauty Lounge.

I also had my manicure after the scrub and I chose this light pink Orly nail polish.
I always go for pastel colors because they never go wrong, I can pair it with any color of my clothes.

They have a handful of nail polish to choose from, they offer Orly, 
gel polish and Jenniferlyn.

Now, let's go to my foot spa experience. My feet were dipped in warm water. After a while, they were dipped in the foot bath and scrubbed. I found the leg and foot massage to be very much relaxing. The massage helped reduce the heavy and swollen sensation in my legs and feet! Now the scent of the scrub smelled like lemon. I love fruity scents, its always very refreshing for me. Since I chose the Glow White, after the scrub, I even though my skin really lightened! If I do this often I would be as fair as Marian Rivera which also is a dream come true but nevertheless, I chose the right service on the menu.

Much to my dilemma of having someone touch my nails again, I gave in and fortunately they handled my feet very well specifically my nails. 

When the whole spoiling was done, I was a happy customer! :)  It took about not more than an hour for everything to get done. The price is really affordable! To think that they offer a lot of packages, nice services and have fantastic ambiance.

Below is the list of services that they have and the corresponding price:

There are loads of promos and packages that they have for women, men, and large groups. 
Right now, they have an ongoing promo of Spa Party Packages perfect for large groups. They will have the pampering services and at the same time they will also have a token of personalized cupcakes as a remembrance of the said special occasion.

Bliss Beauty Lounge mainly offers nail spa services. But it also has other related treatments (like hair, wax, and massage services). They cater to busy people who needs to relax after work or couples who need a break from their daily chores which is why they also offer services for men, who usually wait while their partners get their nails done. They offer Sporty Stop footspa and massage, which bring muscle relief to runners and athletes.

From the name itself, "BLISS" which means happiness. Their goal is to make people feel good and free from stress and negativity since the ambiance will make you embrace good vibes as well.

If you have inquiries, you may contact Bliss Beauty Lounge via 584-0717. 
It is  located along Wilson Street in San Juan City, just across McDonald’s. 
IG: @blissbeautyloungeph

Again, thank you Bliss Beauty Lounge for the pleasant experience!

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  1. I like the place, its clean and tidy. The people who works there are really nice and polite. My only complain though is there is not enough selection of nail polish colors. I wish the owner would add more on their gel and nail polish. It's so disappointing when you go to a nice nail salon but do not have enough selection.