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VIVA talent and Kapamilya artist Anne Curtis gets the biggest break in her showbiz career, so far, as she marks her international debut via the action-packed love story-suspense-thriller, Blood Ransom, directed by Fil-Am Francis dela Torre.

Produced by Tectonic Films, the "movie, which also stars Alexander Dreymon, Samuel Caleb Hunt and Jamie Harris, opens in the Philippines on October 29 and in the US on October 31.

Blood Ransom undoubtedly brings Anne a step closer to a career in Hollywood - one thing local artists aspire for. Naturally, this thrills her on end.

In an interview with Star Studio, the actress-Showtime host related how she auditioned and landed Blood Ransom's central character of Crystal, the mysterious woman kidnapped by Jeremiah (Dreymon) who refuses to return to her boyfriend, Roman (Jeremiah's boss).

"My friend Sam Richelle sent me a script asking if I'd be interested in shooting a film to be shot in the States and if I'd be willing to audition for the role. I read the scene for the audition piece and told myself, 'why not?' So, I
nervously gave it a shot," Anne related.

She is no stranger to the international scene having previously ventured in it via a stint in America's Next Top Model, where she donned creations by Pinoy
designer Francis Libiran.

Shooting Blood Ransom took Anne away from home and her Showtime hosting job for almost a month. Filming with Dela Torre and the Blood Ransom team took place in California, USA.

Challenges included a scene where she and Dreymon, as ill-fated lovers on the run, dabbled in a highly passionate kissing scene.

The actress recounted the take with Star Studio, "I had quite a difficult time understanding exactly what my director was looking for. I was doing my kissing scene as I've always done in my films and TV shows here in the Philippines, but he kept on cutting the scene and telling me to kiss with more passion and longer. Honestly, I couldn't understand what was wrong with how I was kissing."

"So, this went on for several takes, until finally, Alexander just told me straight up, 'Anne, I think Francis wants us to French Kiss.' I was in awkward shock for maybe a split second, as I've never French kissed in any of my films or TV shows. But I just quickly said, 'Oh, ok, game!' and went ahead and did it, got Francis' approvaland it was a perfect take!"

Looking back, Anne cherishes the experience and is glad she took the
once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Still part of her Star Studio interview went, "I gave it everything I could. It didn't seem hard or feel like I was making a sacrifice by leaving work in the Philippines behind because I was enjoying myself and felt it would be an awesome learning experience as an actress."

Back home, fans, friends and family have expressed pride and joy in Anne's latest achievement. They include her long-time BF, Erwan Heussaff, Erwan's actress-model-sister, Solenn, and Anne's ex-flame, TV host-actor Luis Manzano.

Netizens raved at her performance as well the minute she posted Blood Ransom's trailer on her Twitter account. So far, it has over a million hits on YouTube.

Special thanks to Viva Entertainment for inviting us Bloggers to the Premiere Night of Blood Ransom that happened at Resorts World. It was a star studded event because most of the  artist of Viva Artist Agency were present and friends of Anne Curtis-Smith also attended the said event like Solenn,Isabelle Daza, Vhong, Vice, Billy Crawford, Colleen and more!

Amazingly, Joining Anne in her international film debut is Alexander Dreymon, an actor whom Filipino audiences may know from an arc in American Horror Story: Coven. He grew up between Germany, France, England, Switzerland and the United States — and now, he finds himself in Manila to join Anne in promoting Blood Ransom. I also watched him and Anne when they guested at KrisTV trying out delectable dishes. He looks so cute!

The story: When JEREMIAH is caught in the middle of an ill-fated plot to kidnap CRYSTAL, his boss ROMAN’S beautiful young girlfriend, ROMAN unleashes the psychopath, BILL, to hunt Jeremiah down. But when Crystal refuses Jeremiah’s offer to return her to Roman, Jeremiah and Crystal begin a dangerous love affair on the run. And with every hour they’re together, a darker deeper secret burns within Crystal—something even more sinister than the killer who is after them.

Considering that the movie is somewhat an Indie Film, it has cinematic scenes, it really feels like it's a Hollywood Film. I love the effects and how perfectly Anne portrayed her role 
while the effects of her turning into a vampire every now and then conveyed her acting. 
She even mentioned in an interview before that she was not wearing any fangs, meaning all the effects were put into graphics and they were really good acting it simultaneously. 
Anne and Alexander look good in the big screen. Although the ending is a bit gory, you have to watch carefully so that you will not get lost with the ending.

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Watch the Trailer here:

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