Caffe Bene: Taste the Bene Experience and Join the Triangulation Challenge!

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Last September 9, Caffe Bene held their Triangulation Challenge for Bloggers and I was grateful to be part of this event. The venue was at their newest branch at City Walk 2, Eastwood City Libis.

I super love their cozy and homey ambiance. Most of the coffee shops that I usually visit were a bit jam packed and the space is not that maximized, with Caffe Bene's newest branch at Eastwood, you will truly enjoy the big space, you will surely be relaxed and at the same time you can enjoy their various menu and great coffee! 

Caffe Bene started in April 2008 at Eastern Seoul where Caffe Bene's first-ever store was opened. Founded by Mr. Kim Sun-Kwon , who has been notable for his other successful franchise endeavours. Since then, Caffé Bene has grown to more than 800 stores making it the Largest and Fastest Growing coffee shop chain in Korea. Here in the Philippines, they already have 5 branches and still growing.

"Bene" means Good or well thus, they come up with the name Caffe Bene.

What you will also love is their staff, they were very friendly and attentive to the customers, I can truly attest this because I came back after 2 weeks and nothing changed. I am a coffee lover and one of the things I consider when I dine in at Coffee shops is their staff, if they are friendly or snob or they're just plain not doing their jobs. With Caffe Bene staff, they are all smiles even after you leave. Good job on that!

During the Caffe Bene Triangulation Challenge, we were first introduced on how Caffe Bene works. We were learned more about COFFEE and how it works. Together with Sir Desmond Chua, CEO of Caffe Bene, they informed us how Caffe Bene follow strict guidelines when they grow their very own coffee, because he said, everything counts.

If you think the process of having coffee beans is simple then you're wrong. It has a long process: Planting, Vesting, Selecting, Processing, Sorting, Roasting, Cupping, Packaging, Shipping and delivery, Grinding, Brewing and finally Drinking.

So what is "Triangulation"? In the specialty of coffee industry, Triangulation is a specialized skill in cupping that sharpens one's ability to differentiate coffees.
Triangulation is a standard sensory test and is an essential skill for developing consistent and objective palate memory.

Check out the video below on how the Triangulation challenge  works:

I also joined the Bloggers edition of the Triangulation Challenge but didn't get any luck but I'm happy that my friend Bedalyn Aguas of 
won the challenge! Congrats girl! :)

I encouraged everyone to join Caffe Bene's Triangulation Challenge!
It's fun and exciting prizes to be given away!

The Menu
Caramel Cinnamon Honey Bread

One of my favorite is Caramel Banana Waffle which is topped with banana slices, whipped cream, chocolate & caramel sauce.

Choco Truffle Cafe

Mango Crunch Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Strawberry Cheesecake - Another favorite! I love cheesecakes and
 this one is just as perfect

Almond Roca Cake

When me and my family came back, we tried their drinks and I super love what we have!
We ordered Blueberry Smoothie, Mango Smoothie and White Mocha Frappe.
I super love the Mango Smoothie!

Thank you so much Caffe Bene for inviting us to your first ever Triangulation Challenge!
We super enjoyed the event and I will surely come back and enjoy more of their food, I would love to their their Bene Gelato and Bingsu. 

Caffe Bene Branches:

For more details:
Twitter: @caffebeneph

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