Enzo Pineda Spends Time with Enzopipz at Mystery Manila

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Mystery Manila is one of the latest craze that challenges people to think & experience new things, to look for creative solutions to difficult problems, to broaden their imagination.

Mystery Manila do this by immersing people in engaging and elaborate mysteries. People ask to solve it with friends because they believe it’s more fun tackling a problem together. Not all times will people get to solve the mysteries. This is the perfect bonding activity with friends or family members, which is why GMA Artist Center chose this exciting activity for Enzo Pineda and his super friends "Enzo Pipz".

Enzopipz won GMA Artist Center's Fan Club of the Year last week at the grand fans assembly. As a prize, they were treated a super fun activity at Mystery Manila with no less than Enzo Pineda. 

Once the group is complete, they played a game on how well they know Enzo and they surely know a lot of things about Enzo! 20 question were asked about Enzo, more on personal trivia like his birthday, full name and even his shoe size and they aced this trivia contest!

When Enzo arrived, we drew lots what group and mystery we should unravel. Yes, Bloggers also joined the fun! :) I was part of the Ticking Time Bomb team while Enzo was part of the
Chained Chamber Team, the other one was the Justice for Jamila. Instructions were made in the briefing before the game started and it looks like everyone is excited to unravel the mystery!

Before Enzo's team went inside, they were blindfolded and formed a line while they walk inside a dark room filled chained in the walls. That's it! I will not spoil the fun so that can also try it out in the future! :)

Here are my team mates at the Ticking Time Bomb, although we didn't get the chance to unlock the said bomb, I enjoyed it a lot! It is physically and mentally challenging, I'm glad that we had a group effort while doing the challenge. It was nice to be part of this team!

After the challenge, we head straight to Shakeys for a sumptuous dinner and we were able to interview Enzo for some updates about his latest projects and how close he is with his fans specifically with Enzopipz.

  Enzo said he had fun with this activity, although it was a bit stressful, he finds its very challenging and out of the box, "it will put you in a time pressured scene which you don't usually do every day, it is something fresh that people should also try sometimes. You get to use your mind even your body and keen senses to solve the mysteries."

Plans for his All Souls Day, he will be just spending time with his family. 
The best thing he can give to his family is time. With Enzopipz, this is his first time to bond with them with this kind of activity, they usually play ordinary games but this time, it's something more exciting. 

Once in a while members of Enzopipz would drop by during his taping or shooting, he feels grateful that they are always there to support him, they would even be there in running events just to show support. They've know each other for five years now and through these years, they him very well. Enzo said, "They're not just my fans, they're my friends. Sarap nga ng feeling na andyan sila mga kaibigan ko, they've been through a lot na rin, kung ano yung mga nararamdaman ko & struggles ko in the showbiz alam naman nila yun, when it comes to work and everything, they're one of the reasons why I strive so hard para makakuha ako ng magagandang projects like good roles, good shows kasi ayoko naman masayang mga efforts nila sa akin. I think that's the best thing I can do."

With his upcoming show, "More Than Words", he will be with Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez. He will be portraying the role of "Nate", "bad boy, bully, heart throb, mayaman, may sports cars. Ako yung boss sa school namin, Ako yung mang-bubully kina Elmo and Janine. If I'm not mistaken, Mai-inlove din ako kay Janine. I love my role, very complex sya, he's not just a bad boy, may mga pinaglalaban din sya at gustong patunayan. Si Stephanie Sol is my tandem here, pareho naming pahihirapan ang buhay nila Elmo and Janine here. Si Steph naman, mai-inlove kay Elmo. It's a fun show, mga characters namin, we take it seriously and we collaborate with Direk Andoy so that we can do our roles perfectly." The show is simple but very cinematic according to Enzo, people can very well relate to the story and from Direk Andoy, this will surely give "kilig" to the viewers.

Enzo talks about how bully his character is, "Nate has that redeeming factor in him, the show will also explain why he is acting that way since he is the son of a corrupt official, he doesn't quality time with his family, maybe he is bully because he wanted to be noticed, may pagka-attention seeker sya, marami siya pinaghuhugutan. He wants to grab all the best things life has to offer because he believes that it's the only thing that he has minus love. Anything that will make him look strong but he is very vulnerable. There's been time that he has been very weak but now, he wants to show everyone that he is strong."

This is not the first time Enzo will be working with Elmo and Janine, they've worked together in Together Forever, they were siblings in that show and now, they will be in a love triangle which is completely different with that previous show. At first he said it feels awkward, but he said both Elmo and Janie were very professional, they are all very focus when they are taping. With Direk Andoy, it's also his second time to work with him, the first time is in "Love Bug". He wants to do go in this show because he wants to give a good impression with Direk Andoy who has a lot of achievements.

Enzo Pineda will also be part of the upcoming indie film "Bigkis" together with LJ Reyes, Lauren Young, Mike Tan, Pancho Magno and Ms. Rossana Roces. 

Enzo portrays the role of a nurse in the said movie. BIGKIS ( Interwined) is an official selection and will compete at QCinema International Film Festival. Written and Directed by Neal Tan Produced by BG Productions International. Gala Premiere will be at Trinoma Cinema 3 on November 06, 2014 Thursday. 

Enzo invites everyone to watch "More Than Words" soon via GMA Network:

For more details:
Twitter: @ArtistCenter

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