Walking on Sunshine Movie Review

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It's been a long time since I last watched a movie that feels like I'm watching "Glee". It's basically musical but what makes this movie different is that their theme mainly focuses on late 80's to 90's songs plus I just love how each song that they picked were perfect for every scenario that characters were into. The last time I got interested with this kind of movie was when I watched "Pitch Perfect".

The movie is basically about friendships, sisterhood, love, trust and serendipity.
 It stars Hannah Arterton (Atlantis, Hide and Seek) as Taylor, a serious and reserved university graduate who is summoned to Italy by her sister Maddie (Annabel Scholey) to celebrate her engagement. But the gorgeous Italian fiancé is none other than Raphael, the man who Taylor left three years ago to return to England to her studies.

The movie follows Taylor as she tries to fight her attraction to the gorgeous Raphael (Guilio Berruti), all the while hiding her history with him from her sister. She convinces Raph and his friends to join in on her lies. Meanwhile, Maddie deals with the dreadful Doug, an ex-boyfriend her friends are convinced is no good. Doug won’t take no for an answer, and is determined to win Maddie back.

When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I was excited yes because I saw the cutie hunk Giulio Berruti but after watching the full trailer, I got interested with the plot of the story since it's a love story and it's musical! Another one of those Mama Mia! type of movie that I find really entertaining.  

The biggest selling point of the movie was not really the plot or casting, but the music. Walking on Sunshine has the discography of an 80’s greatest hits album. The famous song, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, sets the aesthetic for the movie’s soundtrack; a feel-good experience that you have to sing along to. There’s even a scene in one of the trailers of the characters donned in the iconic outfits of 80’s figures. The characters sing songs by Madonna, Duran Duran, Wham! and a plethora of other classic songs like my favorite How will I know by Whitney Houston, here's a video of it:

I almost cried in the wedding scene, when they sung "If I can turn back time". The pop star and former X Factor winner Leona Lewis has a reasonable supporting role, 
although she did sung a couple of lines. 

The movie is okay at best. I was drawn in by the fun and upbeat trailer. The main characters  are fun, entertaining. Likewise, I’d have liked to see more of Guilio Berruti (I'm sure most girls out there would agree with me). He was passionate, he was thoughtful, and his story is just perfect but I wish he had more lines and exposure though.

The songs are good though and that’s important for a movie musical. For the most part, they’re good song choices with good singing. I also love the main theme of the movie Walking on Sunshine, check out the video here:

Check out the trailer here:
If you love musical and love the 80's songs, I recommend for you to watch this movie. My Mom and my Tita loves it. I was actually singing along with the characters, even the movie goers were singing as well! I find it really cute :) I still have an LSS going on right now. 

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