Ariel's 1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta: A Giant Celebration of Superior Stain Removal

7:16:00 AM

It was not my first time in Angono, Rizal. In fact I live just a city away from Angono which is Antipolo Rizal. Even though I live in Rizal, I've always been fascinated to go back and visit Angono whenever I have time since my friend also lives there. 

Hailed as the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono has been famous as the cradle of the artistic abilities and creative expressions. For one thing, this town has produced two National Artists; Lucio San Pedro for music and Carlos Botong Francisco for painting.

But even before Maestro San Pedro’s lullabies and Botong’s murals have gained national recognition, the unique artistic talent of a painter of religious icons known as Tandang Juancho (Juan Senson) has already made Angono famous for its artistic traditions during the 19th century.

Not only did we visited such an iconic place, I also got the chance to witness another momentous event for Ariel. Ariel, the better tough stain removal and the world's leading detergent celebrated "Higantes Festival in Angono Rizal" through their "1 Higanteng Linis, 1 Higanteng Fiesta" Festival. 

The Festive celebration happened just beside Angono Elementary School, inviting the whole family to eat together as a family, enjoy and have fun since there will be lots of activities, raffle and prizes plus a concert as well.

The special event was hosted by no less than top DJs of MOR 101.9 DJ Cha Cha and DJ Charlie. They also chose two bloggers namely Ria and Ning who will be the judges in making sure that after the guests or residents of Angono Rizal ate at the said celebration, the table cloths will be as good as new and stain free!

After the residents got busy eating and enjoying the sumptuous meals prepared just for them in celebration of Higantes Festival, it's time to check out what happened to their table cloths!

Check out how dirty the table cloths have become! They are full of stains and imagine, if you are going to be in charge of washing this table cloths, it will take you forever if you don't know the right brand of detergent powder to use for you to save money, time and energy!

The Ariel team take full charge of the tough stains and promised that there can be only 1 detergent that can bring life again to this dull, stained table cloths. 

But wait, Ariel team who composed of the residents in Angono, Rizal are not the only ones who are up for the challenge. Even I joined the band wagon to see it for myself if Ariel can really do it in just one wash!

Honestly speaking I am not a big fan of doing the laundry. Laundry is easily my least favorite chore out of all of them—mostly because it always takes so long to sort, wash, fold, and iron all of my clothes. 

But with Ariel, I changed my mind! It's like my perception of doing the laundry went into another level.I now embrace doing the laundry because with Ariel, it's easy as 1-2-3. I can do more things because doing the laundry will not take my time anymore plus, the outcome is the best part! With so little time of washing, just one wash, the result is unbelievably amazing!

Voila! from a pile of dirty, smelly table clothes, now, fresh, clean and good as new table cloths are lined up for inspection to see if they passed the one wash challenge!

After a thorough inspection, they all agreed that Ariel is the better tough stain 
removal in just one wash! This is really good news to everyone especially to mothers out there whose primary concern is to always make their family clean and free from 
dirt and harmful bacteria plus smelling good all day as well.

Famous band Rocksteddy also performed and made everyone sing their hearts out with the bands classic hits. It was also my first time to watch them perform live and I am truly impressed, Teddy is really a true performer!

I super enjoyed this fun and festive feast and thanks to Ariel, it's a whole new level of Fiesta not only for us but also for everyone who now can be relieved about how to handle tough stain on their clothes.

Till next Higantes Festival! I feel super happy because: Ako ay Naki-Kain, Naki-Linis at Naki-Jamming with Rocksteddy and Ariel!

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