Barista Moment at Coffeemate's Barista University

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What are the makings of being a true coffeeholic?well, based on experience since I am a certified Coffee lover myself, just the aroma of coffee gives me a sense of satisfaction and I can never start a day without a cup of coffee, it gives me a boost and even from the start, 
I always go for the creamiest creamer in town paired with my Nescafe coffee, that's no other than Coffeemate!

Last week, I got the special privilege to attend  the “Be Your Own Barista with Coffeemate’s Barista University” bloggers event, when I received the invitation for this event, I got really excited because anything that is connected with Coffee, I raved about it and this one I shall not pass!

The event happened at a posh and secluded caffe in San Juan which is CO/OP. Thank goodness I was with my blogger friends or else I might get lost since I am not really good in finding places. There were free coffee and I super love the Blogger pass and personalized apron! It really made me feel I'm so ready to become a Barista!

The event was hosted by Eco Sala and Coffeemate's Brand Manager welcomed all of us to the Barista U event and gave us a few background about Coffeemate as well.

Our Barista Proffesors were finally introduced! They look really fresh and ready to teach us how to prepare our very own latte in an easy-breezy moves! Meet Lloyd, Sheila 
& Stephanie. 

This is supposed to be a Christmas Tree although it looks like a pile of abstract design LOL

For our first activity, we were asked to prepare our very own Creamy Caramel Macchiato with fancy art on it. Well, on this one I got excited since my cousin who is working in Dubai as a Barista does this perfectly and my attempt was a bit lame but still, I would love to try again in the future! I always love trying out something new and this one really made me happy that I did accomplished something even if it was time pressured :)

For our group activity, we were asked to make our very own Creamy Cookies & Cream Iced Coffee. It will be a team effort which is why we did our best, with the help of our Barista professor Stephanie, she taught us step by step on how to do one.

Our team member Chad explained our work and we also called it "Simply Divine" because as Chad said, it's creamy, it's simply divine! taste it and enough said! :) I super love how he described our creation, way to go! 

Although we didn't win in the said activity, the whole experience is really worth it.
We super enjoyed the fun experience and with help of the Coffeemate Barista U booklet,
I can now create different signature coffee blends that usually we just drink in coffee shops!

The food is great in CO/OP as well, I remember it was featured before in Kris TV and no wonder, with its posh setting and nice ambiance, you can definitely enjoy a
 relaxing ambiance here.

Having a creamy cup of coffee with coffeemate is a must for me especially when I do my Blogging activities because it keeps my creative juices running. Coffeemate is truly a great company at times like this and now, you will surely love Coffeemate more since it is now creamiest ever! It is indeed the perfect mate to your coffee to make it more creamy and  giving you that pleasurable coffee experience that lingers.

For more details about Coffeemate:

Special thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for inviting us to this wonderful event! Mwaah! :-)

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