Dumb and Dumber To Showing on December 3 in Cinemas Nationwide!

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If you've watched Dumb and Dumber which is part of this movie released in 1994, it was one of the funniest movie ever for me. Endless funny and dumb quotes and I think both Jack Daniels and Jim Carrey are perfect for their character, I mean I can't even imagine anyone portraying those roles.

The purpose of a comedy film is to make you laugh and I certainly enjoyed this movie.
The movie is more silliness from Jim Carrey, his dumb character in the movie 
will make you really laugh at him because he is that stupid and also love him as an actor because, nobody does it the way Jim Carrey does.

For Jeff Daniels, the role is a just as perfect because he compliments Jim Carrey well.
He didn't let Jim outshine him with his dumb antics, instead he created stupid antics as well that made him stand out in some scenes.

Dumb and Dumber To evolves around the idiotic duo  on another cross-country trek. This time they are in search of Harry Dunne’s (Jack Daniels) daughter that he never knew that he had. He is in need of a kidney transplant so he enlists his old pal Lloyd Christmas to help track her down. Along the way they get into some of the dumbest scenarios that you can imagine which is totally hilarious, you must watch this movie with someone or else, you'll be laughing alone, that's a bit weird right?:)

Dumb and Dumber To brings back many of the situations and jokes that made the first movie so successful. The movie is often at its funniest when the Farrelly Bros include their trademark dream sequences and montages. It is interesting that in each of Harry and Lloyd’s dreams, they see each other as the villain in their own lives. This actually carries over into most of the movie, where they are often cruel and mean-spirited towards each other. 

The chemistry between the two has never been stronger and when you see them together you are instantly shot back to the original and feel like time never really passed, the first part of the movie will flashback at you all at once. 

Almost every joke or sight gag features their signature comedic timing on delivering their lines or reactive expressions and I loved every minute they were on screen. Rob Riggle is another one of my favorite comedic actors and he’s nothing short of fun in the film. Laurie Holden and Kathleen Turner were also great in the film. I was surprised by newcomer Rachel Melvin in the film. She had that perfect natural blend of being adorable and funny without “trying” to be. The film features a bunch of cameos but I won’t spoil them here.
I was so ready for this film to be terrible and walk out of the theater heart broken but I’m happy to say that I had a great time seeing these two characters back together on the big screen. 

This film will definitley sit right next to my copy of the original as a very welcomed sequel. I loved this film and I guarantee you will to. Stay after the credits to see a favorite character from the original return. 


Special thanks to Viva Entertainment for inviting us to the gala premiere of 
Dumb and Dumber To!
Showing in cinemas on December 3 nationwide!

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