Financial advisors share the fulfilments and rewards from their career

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For Philam Life financial advisors Karla Capili and Reynold Gan, their successful career has given them three different kinds of fulfillment; being able to reap financial rewards from their career and other perks like travel, having the flexibility to devote more time for family, and, lastly, being able to make a difference in the lives of their fellow Filipinos. 

Philam Life currently has the largest agency force in the insurance industry with more than 10,000 financial advisors dedicated to empowering customers by espousing financial literacy and providing them with the right insurance and investment vehicles that will help them achieve financial security and prosperity. To be able to help more Filipinos, Philam Life ensures that all its financial advisors undergo first-rate training workshops and are abreast with the latest economic and market information.

Starting from a stringent recruitment process, Philam Life constantly looks for financial advisors who, just like two of its top performers Karla Capili and Reynold Gan, are committed to succeed in their career while helping Filipinos overcome real life struggles through its wide array of protection and investment plans.

Successful career and fulfilling family life
At 23, Karla Capili was a young professional tied down to long-hours of desk work, sometimes even on weekends. That was before she decided to leave the corporate world for good and become a Philam Life financial advisor.

A hard-working, business-minded go-getter, Karla said, “I just knew that if I put my energy into this career, I could take charge of my own time instead of doing nine-hour office work and missing countless moments with my family.”  

After undergoing intensive training with Philam Life, Karla’s career immediately took off. She has built a loyal client base and would proceed to become a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), an exclusive organization of the world’s top-earning financial advisors. Reaping huge financial rewards along the way, she would soon become Premier Leader whose members include two Top of the Table (TOT) and two MDRT members. She also won Unit Manager of the Year at the Premier Circle Awards.

But most of all, she regained the luxury of becoming a devoted wife and mom as she now has full control of her schedule, that is, while being a successful career woman.

She said, “Before, I would miss birthdays, recitals and anniversaries, but now, I am my own boss. I can bring my kids to school, have leisurely lunch with my husband mid-week, help my daughter with her homework, take pictures of my son at his recital and come home early enough to tuck my kids in bed every night.”

Making a difference in people’s lives
At 21, Reynold Gan knows himself all too well to be in a desk job – as he is one that would want to be where the action is. Besides, he has been wanting to save to buy his own condo. Thus, he joined Philam Life as a financial advisor like his mom.

He conquered his shyness and with proper training coupled with hard work, he would become a convincing financial advisor, gaining the confidence of much older clients.

And because he always made sure to provide his clients with excellent service, they referred him to their friends, which made his contacts grow and expand beyond his wildest expectations.

Today, Reynold is already one of the country’s top financial advisors. After just one year of joining the business, he became a member of the MDRT and would also become the youngest Life and Qualifying member, an honor given to financial advisors who have been MDRT member for 10 years. Indeed, an outstanding achievement for someone so young.

He now leads a team of 21 financial advisors, four of whom are also MDRT members.

“I like talking to my team members personally, mentoring them,” he said.

Inspiring his team to go for their goals and the financial rewards of his successful career are not the only thing that keeps Reynold motivated, but also being able to make a difference in people’s lives.  

“Being Philam Life’s financial advisor has allowed me and my family to live a life so comfortable that we really can’t ask for anything more. Whenever my wife and I go on vacations abroad, we get to maximize the experience because the money is there. In fact, money has never been an issue in our marriage.”

But aside from financial rewards, Reynold finds it truly fulfilling to be able to help his clients achieve their dreams and secure their family’s future. 

He said, “If you are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and you are willing to work hard, then you too will find this career rewarding – both emotionally and financially.”

And with the Philippine economy’s continuing growth, financial advisors like Karla and Reynold have ample opportunities to help more Filipinos be financially protected as well as reach for their dreams through insurance. Know more about the financial advising career by joining Philam Life’s Business Opportunity Program.  Email to register!

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