Jonalyn Viray Celebrated her Birthday with the Payatas Kids Choir

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Fearless Diva Jonalyn Viray also known as the "Soul Diva" celebrated her birthday at Ina ng Lupang Pangako Parish Church in Payatas, Quezon City and she celebrated it the way any Diva should do it, with kids who have angelic voices even Jonalyn praised them for being such a Pro. 

According to M.s Katherine Enciong, Trainor/Head of  Payatas Kid Choir, the choir was formed 8 years ago. The Parish priest in their area before formed a group and the rest is history. Ms. Katherine added that it's one of there projects to enhance the image of Payatas community, which is actually doing good since the choir has been receiving positive feed backs even inviting them to perform to different events. 

Although they do not invest that much on joining contests because they need budget and more training for that, someday they wish they could compete globally too. They are composed of 9 to 19 years old and are permanent residents of Payatas, Quezon City.

Jonalyn's birthday was hosted by the ever sexy and beautiful Tess Bomb. After Jonalyn thanked the kids for spending time with her on her 25th birthday, Jonalyn performed a song number for them. She recently held a concert at Music Museum Fearless: Repeat which is somehow a birthday/benefit concert because also aims to raise funds for the rehabilitation of Typhoon Yolanda-stricken areas.

Jonalyn rose to fame as the first Grand Champion of the Kapuso talent search Pinoy Pop Superstar. Since then, she has showcased her wide vocal range in tours, guest appearances in shows, variety shows, and singing theme songs of drama series.  

Jonalyn lent her voice to the recording of My Husband’s Lover ending theme “Help Me Get Over,” which was recently chosen as Song of the Year at the 6th PMPC Star Awards for Music. One of her most memorable award is bagging 5 Gold Medals at the World Championships of Performing Arts in 2006 held in California, USA. Since then, nothing is stopping Jonalyn from achieving her dreams, she's definitely on the right track.

After Jonalyn performed for the Payatas Kids Choir, it's their time to serenade the birthday girl. When they started singing, I really felt goosebumps! They are definitely a world class talent!I wish they will be recognized more!

 After they sung, Jonalyn gave them advice to stay strong, focus on their craft and their dream and always practice. Being a singer is not easy but if you are dedicated to your craft, it will be compensated in the end.

Even if it's Jonalyn's birthday, she is the one sharing gifts to the Payatas Kids Choir. Together with GMA Artist Center, they donated musical instruments to the Parish for them to use and hone their craft more. 

They even asked Jonalyn to sign on the guitar as a remembrance!

The surprises didn't end there, Jonalyn shared more gifts to them one by one.
She even recalled how she started singing and she was also part of a choir before. 
Given an opportunity, she would love to mentor a choir or any kid who wants to follow her dream into being a Singer or Diva as well. 

Jonalyn's wish is simple, to have more projects, continuous and successful singing career,
healthy family and she also shared a wish to the kids that is to never stop singing and enjoy what they do."What we have is a gift from God, kaya dapat nating i-share sa mga tao, we can also inspire others in different ways."

She also added that even though there are numerous of fast rising singers
nowadays, she always wants to reinvent herself so that she won't be left behind. Although she is known for being the Soul Princess, she tries to sing POP sometimes atSunday All Stars. Right now, she is working on a Christmas single "Bawat Pasko" composed by Tata Betita which can be downloaded soon, the songs is all bout how we should all spend the holiday season with out love ones. 

Right now,Jonalyn revealed she loves listening to Lani Misalucha, Sarah Geronimo and Ariana Grande's songs.

GMA Artist Center would like to thank Monreo Biscuits, Active White, Sundance, 
Thai Tea, Mogu Mogu, Unisilver Time for sponsoring Jonalyn Viray's birthday.

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