Kathryn Bernardo Celebrates First Anniversary Endorsing Juicy Cologne

7:15:00 AM

It's been one year since Kathryn Bernardo signed a contract endorsing one of the most loved colognes in the Philippines which is Juicy Cologne. 

It was a sweet afternoon at Stacy's  Cafe in Capitol Heights Quezon City. 
There were a lot of activities prepared for the Bloggers and we all enjoyed it.
I super love the Gel Art and there were also personalized pins. 

We all got busy creating artsy crafts. I super love the ambiance of Stacy's, perfect for the event that day because Kathryn Bernardo and Juicy Cologne embodies a sweet image that you just can't resist. I personally use Juicy Cologne and my favorite scent is Up, Up and Away! Even my Mom loves Juicy Cologne.

Kathryn Bernardo shared how thankful and grateful she is being the endorser of Juicy Cologne. She said that Juicy Cologne is perfect for her because she really loves the scents of each variants.

Juicy Cologne have different variants to suit your personality:
Icylicious, Sugar Frosting, Up, Up and Away, Angel’s Bliss, Sprightly Sprinkle, Orange Twist, Sweet Delights and Dreamsicle. 

According to Kathryn, her favorite Juicy Cologne scent is Icylicious. Even Daniel Padilla mentioned before in an interview that he loves Kathryn's scent. Kathryn added that what she loves about Juicy Cologne is that it doesn't smell that strong, each scent is just as playful, sweet and long lasting as well. You'll smell fresh all day long with Juicy Cologne!

For more details about Juicy Cologne:

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