La Danza 2: Kristel Moreno Dance Concert November 30 at Zirkoh Tomas Morato!

9:40:00 PM

After Kristel Moreno's much talked about dress during her appearance at the Star Magic Ball, she now wants to concentrate on being a performer and move on from the said experience.

During Kristel's BlogCon, she mentioned how she really wanted to lose weight and how 
she moved on from the Star Magic Ball experience where was bashed and praised because of her dress. It was her first time to be bashed online and honestly speaking according to her, she didn't handled it well because she got really affected with it but in time, she learned to
accept the fact that you can't please everybody and besides, she's in the showbiz industry as well.

She was also very determined to lose weight, "Okay lang 'yung sinasabi nila na may bilbil, mataba, opinyon po nila 'yun, eh. Wala naman akong magagawa," she said in an  interview. "Sa akin lang, medyo foul 'yung iba na parang personal na masyado. Hindi na gown o hindi na itsura ko 'yung pinupuna nila."

Kristel said her preparation for the show was one of the reasons she lost weight. She lost weight by doing extreme diet, going to the gym and the rehearsal for her upcoming dance concert is also a big plus.

Since she loves Pop music and she's more on that side of dancing, she also wanted to try different kinds of genre in dancing in the future, she wanted to teach dancing to 
people who are also passionate in the same craft as she is.

 The concert, dubbed "La Danza," will be held on November 30 at Zirkoh in Quezon City. Guest stars include JM de Guzman, Young JV and Arron Villaflor.

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