Navi 2015 Journal: Your Life Navigator

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Viviamo! Inc. is the creator of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, the Navi Journal, and the Everything is Possible Planner. “Viviamo” is Italian for “We Live”. Their mission is to craft tools that will help people live out their ultimate life. Starting with the Belle de Jour Power Planners, they envision products that empower Filipinos to try, to dare, to experience, to achieve, and to live. This has expanded to creating customized paper and planner products that influence the lifestyle of Filipinos.

Navi, Your Life Navigator, is a 12-month planner that takes inspiration from places where we can fly. It reminds us about the importance of going places and seeing the world wide-eyed, like the first time. When we scale the globe and bring home vast experiences, we take something with us once we go down – along with the scenery and the experience, the knowledge that it’s up to us to chase away our fears, that it’s up to us to push ourselves to conquer great heights.

The NAVI 2015 planner comes with over Php25,000 worth of coupons from your favorite food and lifestyle haunts. It has 176 full-color smythe-sewn pages, and is 5.6in wide by 7.9in tall. It has an expandable back pocket and comes in a matte leather cover.

NAVI 2015: Your Life Navigator is a tool for you to:
• Plot your week by having a monopoly of your plotting map. Sketch or write, and collect experiences. Satisfy your curiosity and have them all documented so you can look back and realize how much life has to offer.
• Clear the route. Keep track of the important things and plan out your ventures – Places to go, things to try out, people to meet – scrawl away!
• Explore the world. Learn about places you can explore around the world and gain helpful insights for your upcoming adventures.

For the modern day explorer, for one who sees life as one big adventure, NAVI is your perfect companion to start traveling the world and live the questions now.

Get inspired to create your own adventure, write your own life rules, set your goals, take daring leaps, find reasons to celebrate, and above all, go places with NAVI 2015.

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