We are All God's Children by Ms. Jamie Rivera is the Official Song for the Papal Visit 2015

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Singer, song writer Jamie Rivera’s “We Are All God’s Children” is the official theme song of Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines from January 15 to 19, 2015.

According to Ms. Jamie, even though she is known to be an " Inspirational Diva" she feels it's like a Divine Calling that she was able to write and sing a song for the upcoming Papal visit, it was a big honor for her and a wonderful blessing too.

She narrated how her song was chosen, she called Archbishop Socrates Villegas, President of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines, to ask if she could submit a song for the Papal visit. “Sabi ni Archbishop Socrates Villegas ‘Sige,’” she said. She later find out that the Vatican also approved the song that she wrote. “Archbishop Villegas called me sabi ‘It will going to be the official song for the Papal visit,’” she recalled. Jamie Rivera’s song carries the message of solidarity with the poor and mercy to the weak. “I wanted to show kasi the humility of the Pope. Kasi nga he is known for being humble and very humane,” she said.

Pope Francis will be the third pontiff to visit the Philippines after Pope Paul VI in 1970 and Pope John Paul II in 1981 and 1995.

Ms. Jamie added that she while writing the song, she also considered many things like the simple lyrics that people especially children can easily memorize and lastly, she also coordinated with the hand and body movements once the song was finalized.

Check out the Official hand & body Movements of 
We are all God's Children

We Are All God's Children
Music by: Noel Espenida
Lyrics by: Jamie Rivera

Do you see these children on the streets
Have you walked the pavements where they sleep
Do you feel their hands, when you give them alms
Did you ever give them bread to eat.

Have you seen their homes washed by the floods
While a mother tightly holds her child
Do you hear the wind of the raging storm
Can you tell them where it’s coming from

Let us show our love and mercy
With true kindness and humility 
For God loves the weak and the needy
Just like you and me

We are all God's children
We are all the same
He is calling us by name
To help the poor and lame
And learn what life is really for,
It's to know and love and serve the Lord.

Stand together and let's do our part
Hear their voices, mend their broken hearts
Choose to be brave, fight for their rights
Give them back their honor and their pride

Please do not be blind
And just leave them behind
To struggle in darkness
Or give them empty promises

We are All God's Children is now available in all record bars nationwide and can be downloaded via iTunes. 

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