A Meaningful Birthday of Lauren Young at Child Haus

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Lauren Young has proven how versatile she is as an actress, not just Megan Young's sister, Miss World 2013.  She knows that she will always be compared to her sister but nevertheless, she is one actress to reckon with.

Lauren celebrated her 21st birthday at Child Haus. Child Haus is where little warriors who are everyday battling the Big C (Cancer). From ages 12 and below, some are even younger. 

All are out-patients from the provinces or nearby areas who undergo treatment for 3 or 6 months, or even a whole year.

Child Haus has been around for 8 years, and thanks to those“kind-hearted Filipinos who continue to support” the halfway home, the institution  is surviving.

Volunteer teachers also drop by to conduct informal classes; nuns and priests provide catechetical guidance. 

One can instantly melt with warm smiles and courteous “good mornings” by the children, parents and staff. The bright, festive posters, artwork, and décor—plus the kids playfully running around—are more suggestive of a daycare center rather than a house of cancer patients.

This and more greeted Lauren when she celebrated her birthday with the kids. For her, it was a memorable moment since it was also her first time. Lauren said that she was deeply touched that even though they are going through the toughest times in their life at a young age, they are that brave, and they truly made her happy on her special day.

There were fun games for the kids and all of those who joined instantly won prizes.

The most awaited part of her celebration was when she read a book for the children. According to Lauren,"Where the Wild Things Are" is her favorite book when she was still a kid, which is why this is the perfect book for the kids. 

“Meron akong dalang book para sa inyo. Binabasa ko ‘to simula noong bata ako; it’s part of my childhood memories. Meron lang akong i-she-share sa inyo tulad nung pag-share niyo sa akin ng oras ninyo, tsaka that very sweet song,” 

After Lauren read them a book, it was time to take photos with the kids. Lauren also got busy sharing gifts to the kids, it was her way of sharing her blessings and she feels grateful to GMA Artist Center for giving her a chance to do this.

For now, Lauren is busy with her teleserye together with Dennis Trillo, Kris Bernal and Rocco Nacino which is "Hioram na Alaala". She plays the role of Bethany Sandoval. But before that, she has a movie with Richard Gutierrez entitled "Overtime" under GMA Films. She was also part of Paraiso Ko'y Ikaw. She is currently being handled by Pia Magalona. 

“I’m very happy because I feel like I’m very blessed to have so many things in my life. I have a wonderful family, I go to school, I have a beautiful home to sleep under, and I have a job.  So parang it’s actually a very small thing for me to be here right now and spend a little part of my birthday month with them. I hope that I make them happy just as they’re making me so happy right now,” Lauren said. 

Child Haus Kids perform for Lauren Young

Lauren Young Interview

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