Hapee pays tribute to the people who deliver us happiness. #HapeeDelivery

12:58:00 AM

This Christmas, HAPEE-  the first Filipino brand of toothpaste recognized by the Philippine Dental Association pays tribute to three delivery men who are all hard working, family man who continuously gives their 100%  best effort just to send their delivery to its destination.

We all have our own heroes, they could be one of our family members or a stranger we usually see busy doing their jobs. Watch this heart warming video about how this three messengers will receive their biggest gift ever delivered in their doorstep. 

I actually cried after watching this video! It's a touching video and awesome story as well. I really appreciate what Hapee Toothpaste did for these three messengers. This video will make us appreciate not only the messengers who deliver important packages to us but every hard working Filipino in our country. I wish that more private sectors and government agencies will do the same, paying tribute to people who never fails to give their
very best in the service of their respective duties as an employee so that in return they can give a wonderful life to their family.

Geron, Wilmer & Nilandro will surely have a merry Christmas this year. 
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