"I Need Space": From On Air, Boys Night Out Goes On Print

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For more than eight years now, Magic 89.9 DJs Slick Rick (Eric Virata), Tony Toni (Anthony James Bueno), and Sam YG (Samir Gogna) have been entertaining listeners with their radio program, Boys Night Out.  They've become well known for their naughtiness, frankness, and wackiness in addressing relationship issues shared by their callers.  The boys have even coined words that describe certain relationship stages that a man and woman find themselves in, such as "MOMOL" which means "Make-Out-Make-Out Lang", and "HOHOL" for "Hang-Out-Hang-Out-Lang".  

The trio's popularity has opened other opportunities for them, including hosting their own cable show and having their own clothing line featuring statement shirts that carry their popularized expressions.  And now, the boys are ending 2014 with a bang as they release their first ever book entitled "I Need Space".  

"I Need Space"  is a compilation of the hottest topics Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and Sam YG talked about on Boys Night Out.  Primarily, the book aims to help single men analyze their solitary state.   What have they done or what are they doing to remain single?  Possible reasons and situations are presented in different chapters, and the reader is advised to pick the one that is appropriate for them.  Could it be something they failed to say to the girl of their dreams?  Go to the chapter the says #SanaSinabiKo.  Did they do something to lose their girl? That would fall under #HuliKaBalbon.  Or is it due to fear of commitment, perhaps?  Go to #CommitmentIssues.  

The book also includes #SingleDays, #ConvincingLines, #Iloveyoubut, #WordsAterMOMOL, #WordsAfterBreakup, #ItDidntWorkOutBecause, #TimeToMoveOn, #ThatsLove (which provides basic  signs whether the guy is already in love and if the girl they're dating is also in love with them), and more.  Each one trended on social media during the Boys Night Out radio program, hence the use of hashtag.  "I Need Space" is marked by the same mischievous tone which has entertained many BNO followers, making the readers feel like they're listening to the sensational trio.  And if this book falls in the hands of women, it can help them get into the psyche of men.   

"I Need Space" is also the first ever release of ICON, a label of VIVA PSICOM Publication Corp. that will consist of works of famous personalities.  It will be available in bookstores starting December 15, 2014.  

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