My Daily Brushing Regimen: Redefining The Way You See Clean

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A beautiful smile greatly depends on personal dental habits. To achieve not just a nice smile but also a healthy one, it’s important to engage in an effective routine. A dazzling smile begins with good oral health care, which is always linked to proper brushing techniques. Keeping your teeth thoroughly clean helps in keeping cavities at bay.  The main components of a healthy routine include flossing and brushing, and here’s how to know if you are doing it effectively.

Brush thoroughly. Most people brush in a rush because they’re always in a hurry. It takes 120 seconds or two full minutes of short gentle strokes to get all the dirt out of the surface of the teeth, with concentration on the gumline, hard-to-reach back teeth, and areas with fillings and crowns. Another part of brushing thoroughly is by knowing the proper technique. This includes cleaning the outer surfaces of your upper teeth then your lower teeth, then the inner surfaces, the chewing surfaces, and then tongue and cheeks. Brushing twice a day is effective in keeping your teeth healthy.

Floss regularly. Flossing is critical in your routine because it removes plaque and food particles in places one’s toothbrush can’t reach. Plaque build-up is often what causes cavities which is why it’s important to floss at least twice a day, right before brushing, to dislodge food particles stuck between teeth.

Use the right equipment and keep them clean. Healthy oral care is linked with the equipment you use: your toothbrush and your toothpaste. It starts by keeping your toothbrush clean at all times by rinsing it thoroughly after using. It is wise to also air-dry your toothbrush until you use it again.

The goal is to clean beyond the surface, and really go deep in terms of cleaning your teeth, even the hard-to-reach places. This is the reason why one needs to use a toothpaste that cleans deep – now possible with the Colgate Total® Charcoal Deep Clean – a unique clinically proven toothpaste which contains Ultra Micro Charcoal particles. Its unique formulation penetrates deep into hard-to-reach places and reduces bacteria build up by up to 90% versus regular fluoride toothpaste 12 hours after brushing.

It’s time to redefine clean with the new Colgate Total® Charcoal Deep Clean.

Colgate Total® 
Most toothpastes don't help fight plaque after you brush. Colgate Total® toothpaste has a unique formula that helps fight bacteria build-up. It attaches to teeth to form a protective shield, giving you complete 12-hour bacteria protection. Colgate Total® provides up to 12 hours of protection against cavities, plaque, and common oral health problems, even after you eat and drink. Everything you need to help maintain your oral health, only with 
Colgate Total®. 

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