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Direk Gino Santos made it sure that everyone understands how this generation has evolved with his film, “#Y” is a coming-of-age film that aims to define millennials with teen suicide, social media, sex drug, and alcohol as a their main story. Of course, as the story unfolds, you'll get to know how the main characters learned something from all of this.

 Cast of the film are young stars Elmo Magalona, Coleen Garcia, Kit Thompson, Slater Young, and Sophie Albert. Chynna Ortaleza is also part of the movie and she attended the grand presscon together with the other cast.

Elmo Magalona plays the role of "Miles". Known for his teenybopper roles in movies and TV shows, Elmo Magalona shows off his daring side in “#Y. According to him, he didn't hesitate doing this role because he wanted to challenge himself into being a versatile actor. He feels grateful to his mother channel GMA 7 for allowing him to promote this movie in full blast even going to ABS CBN. 

Coleen Garcia plays Janna, a free spirit, superficial, straight forward young woman who loves to celebrate life at its fullest in a liberating way. She's not afraid to say things that are everyone else are afraid to say.One thing that Colleen & her character have in common is that they are both simple, they can go out as is without worrying about their appearance.

Sophie Albert is Lia, a complex character according to Sophie. She loves to be different.
She doesn't have the means which is why she can't keep up with her rich friends. What they have in common is that Like Sophie, she thinks in her own, she doesn't let anyone decide for herself. She make her own decisions. Although there are times that she over thinks many things like petty problems which will become a big issue for her. 

Direk Gino is one of the youngest commercial, TV, and film directors in the Philippines.
He has directed numerous short films that have garnered attention not just locally, but also internationally, in film festivals held in Berlin and Los Angeles. He is a two-time recipient of the Honorable Mention award from Gawad CCP for his short films “Ang Tangke” (The Water Tank) and an experimental film “Bangungot” (Sleep Paralysis). His college thesis, “Labing Dalawa” (Twelve) received a Best Short Film nomination at the 35th Gawad Urian Awards – the most prestigious local award-giving body.Gino currently directs “The Tim Yap Show” on GMA7, and is the second unit director for “Jasmine” on TV5. He is also an in-house director at Straight Shooters Media Inc. where he directs commercials.

Slater Young portrays Mark while Chynna is Abby. A movie that best describes YOLO 
(You Only Live Once). According to Direk Gino, "the film, chronicles the adventures of a generation, na influenced masyado, bale ba, na unified din ng social media and the Internet. And of course, the common ideological lifestyle na recently ay in-adapt and practiced by most young people today."

How Direk Gino was able to gather all the stars in the cast, as they all belong to different networks? “I went or sent a representative to talk to the ‘power’ behind the company where each star belong to. Some of them auditioned for the role. "

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Showing on December 10 in cinemas nationwide, released by STAR CINEMA.

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