Big B: Big and Superb Burgers with a Twist

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I am really having a festive mood that day simply because I am also grateful to FOODPANDA for inviting us Bloggers to the Foodpanda Maginhawa Street Food Crawl. 
Big B is out fourth stop and we are surely in for a BIIIIIIG TREAT!

The moment you walk in at Big B, you will definitely like their simple black and white interior. But among other things, you will surely enjoy the quotable quotes around the area.

It all started out with a small dream, back when they were still in college, Joelle Luviengco and Eric Galvis started this business at UP Diliman then the rest is history. All of them wanted one same thing, a place where students like them way back can hang out, and enjoy good food.

You might think that the place is a bit cramp from the outside but wait till you get inside because there's a lot of space inside perfect for the whole gang. You can lounge and enjoy their industrial theme while delving on their great food.

Now, let's check out the food:
Ballsballs Php150.00

one of the awesome things about Big B is they don't give out traditional names on their menu, the names alone will surely excite like this one, Ballsballs which is actually balls of potato with meat balls and cheese dressing, isn't that amazing? this is good to share!

Poutine ng Ina Php 120.00

Another potato based offering for potato lovers out there but this one is inspired by the Canadian dish "Poutine". The dressing is like the ones they put over mashed potatoes. I love this one. Good for sharing as well. 


Potato fries with a twist of Takoyaki dressing. This is something new and their new 
offering as well.

Big B - Php 99.00

BAM Php 119.00

Bongga Php 109.00

Since Big B is all about burgers then let's check out their burgers as well. Their best seller is the Big B simply because they offer quarter pound bacon beef burgers. The moment you taste their burgers, it will surely melt in your mouth. It is very juicy, tasty and tender.
Bam is a combination of Spam and beef while Bongga is a combination of beef and longganisa.
Of the three, my favorite is Big B.

You will surely enjoy Big B's burger when you try their "Awesome Sauce". They really serve it in a gun like dispenser and for sure kids will love this but I hope they will not play this one like a toy. The taste is somehow like a sandwich spread but more deliciously with the burger.So they're a perfect combination.

Pink Potion with Feelings Php 35.00

I will not spoil anything about my experience with Pink Potion with feelings because I will spoil the fun! you have to experience it for yourself :-)

I recommend this place to everyone who wants to try something new and fun.
The price is affordable since you can share it with someone. 

Special thanks to Foodpanda for inviting us this wonderful Foodpanda Maginhawa Food Crawl. This is our fourth, check out the other resto we visited on my next post!
We also visited Katz Diner and here is my blog post about it:

Casa Quesadilla:

Homies Chicken:

Big B is one of the delectable restaurants that is part Foodpanda's market where you can order online and just wait for your food to be delivered.

Foodpanda is a powerful tool nowadays where you can order online and have your favorite dish from that resto you chose delivered right at your doorstep. This is just perfect for those who are busy or just in time for the holiday season!

44B Magiting St., Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

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