Boardwalk Launches Fresh Start Collection and New Brand Ambassadors

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What better way to start the year than to release new designs while also introducing new brand ambassadors. 

Boardwalk released their newest collection through their Fresh Start event at Luxent Hotel, Quezon City, hosted by Ms. Nicole Andersson which highlights their new endorsers fashionably wearing their new collections. 

For more than 20 years, Boardwalk has been an active player in the field and has evolved into a life of its own with fashion and business working hand-in-hand. Fueled by their mission-vision of creating life-changing lifestyles to uplift the Filipino life, this fashion and lifestyle company keeps business fashionable by taking every opportunity as a fresh start.  

Bigger. Smarter. Better. The trends of today can become an instrument of change as Boardwalk elevates fashion onto a more meaningful spectrum. For 2015 and beyond, their new battle cry is Fashion for Social Change. The business is to keep Filipinos fashionable while sharpening their entrepreneurial skills through teaching them how to make a living out of their fashion signature styles.     

Boardwalk stands strong this 2015 as the newest member of the Superbrands Ltd community. Making bolder statements this year, Boardwalk celebrates the colorful phases of youth with their fashion and lifestyle collections. The fresh and new designs of the men’s and women’s apparels have brought familiar young faces to the Boardwalk family.

It is time to be part of the movement -- continuous opportunities and sustainable livelihood awaits this 2015.  This starts the next phase of Boardwalk’s mission-vision, going beyond making a difference to becoming the difference. 

This 2015, Boardwalk has found four young stars to headline a celebration of young love. Boardwalk highlights being young and in love with their couple collection, We Love It

The We Love It Collection brings back to life the delightful loveteam (from Protégé Season 2) of Jeric Gonzales and Thea Tolentino as one of the pairs for this collection. Joining them are fellow teen stars, Kim Rodriguez and Juancho Trivino, who are paired together for the first time. Wear your heart on your sleeve with Boardwalk’s We Love It Collection.   

Check out their TVC for more details:

Boardwalk also introduced Alden, Mike, Janine and Rich who have been endorsers 
for years now. 

From girly and demure to sassy and fun, every girl has a different style to match her personality with. Rich Asuncion rose to fame as a beauty queen but later on decided that showbiz was her calling. Her training as a beauty queen made her ferocious but many forget that she is a sweet girl passionate about her life, family, and acting career. With the many roles she has to portray, fashion lets her play the part.  

Boardwalk’s Missy Collection has a wide selection of fashion that young ladies would love. As the face of the Missy Collection, Rich shows that ladies could experiment with their looks from casual to party. Fill yourself up with zest and love for fashion with the latest designs from the Missy Collection.       
With showbiz royalty streaming through her blood, Janine Gutierrez can easily steal the spotlight. Her beauty is undeniable and the camera loves her.

As the face of Boardwalk’s Cosmopolitan Collection, Janine embodies the young and confident woman living the urban life. Make the cityscape your own fashion runway with the newest designs of the Cosmopolitan Collection.                 

A model-actor who is one of the leading men of drama; Mike Tan stands true to his title as Starstruck Season 2’s Ultimate Male Survivor. In the business since 2004, he still proves to be bankable with the projects lined up for him. The key to this longevity is his charm and talent amidst the competition in the entertainment industry. Mike also proves to be flexible with the roles he portrays.  

Mike joins Boardwalk’s newest roster of endorsers as the face (and physique) of the Men’s Basic Collection – the brand’s line of underwear for men. It offers sexy yet comfortable pieces in various colors and bold prints. 

 Alden Richards for Artiste, which features smart casual clothing for men. 
Alden Richards is no longer the boy next door. With breakthrough performances on television and film, Alden has grown into the gentleman he was sought to become. 

Undeniably handsome with a gracious heart to boot, Alden has been chosen to be the face of the Artiste Collection. This is catered for the dapper city lads with refined taste. Watch out for the Artiste Collection this 2015.  

Hailed as one of the country’s sexiest, Sam Pinto still leaves men and women in awe with her effortless beauty and sex appeal. She is the best bet for Boardwalk’s Intimate Apparel Collection because she proves that being sexy can also be classy.

Boardwalk’s Intimate Apparel Collection allows you to get fun, flirty, and romantic with your underwear choices. Be bold with your fashion style inside and out. 
Boardwalk will surely excite their consumers more with their fresh collection and fresh faces. I simply love their collection. Fashionable, trendy and hip which is always fun to wear. 

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