Edsa Woolworth in Theaters starting January 14 Nationwide!

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EDSA WOOLWORTH is the second film from the silver screen tandem of comedienne-actor Pokwang and director John-D Lazatin. It has equal parts drama and comedy that easily brings to fore universal values of love and compassion among family members.

The ties that bind this family go beyond language, race, culture, food, and even blood.
Bound by a stubborn affection and the utmost respect for each other, despite their quirks and idiosyncracies – the Woolworth family stick together.

They go through a rollercoaster of life-changing experiences that define their decisions and their choices. With personalities that collide, they fight and bicker along the way, and yet there is a tenderness felt for one another that sneaks in even in the most mundane instances.

Present during the grand presscon of Edsa Woolworth were Prince Saruhan, Steven Spohn, Lee O' Brian, Ricci Chan and  the Queen of TFC Pokwang together with Director John D. Lazatin who is now based in the US working for TFC.

After winning international critical acclaim for her powerful performance in the drama, “A Mother’s Story”, which garnered 18 FAMAS nominations in 2012, Pokwang is back in another heart warming story that will touch everyone's heart especially those who knows how to value their family that much.

Pokwang plays the role of "Edsa Woolworth", the eldest and only daughter in a crazy,
dysfunctional family headed by an American father, Papa Frank and two younger brothers Boni and Paco. A nail technician-massage therapist, it is allabout work, work, work for Edsa. 

She is willingto sacrifice her dreams, and even her love life in order to care for her family, especially after her mother, Mercedes, passed away seven years ago. Edsa is selfless, always placing the needs of her family above all else. But when she meets the man of her dreams, who has everything she desires in a partner, Edsa struggles to reconcile her love of family with her capacity to be kind to herself too.

Direk John mentioned that when they saw Lee, they knew that instantly he was fit for the role and even Pokwang thought so. He plays the role of Chad, an incredibly attractive guy who manages his family’s business. Even though he comes from an affluent background, he is grounded enough to go after what he wants. And he knows what he wants after he feels a growing attraction and affection for Edsa, in spite of their rather curious first encounter.

Ricci Chan also plays a vital role in the movie, he is Bonifacio – or Boni – Edsa’s younger brother; stepson to Frank. He is the ambitious sibling with a good head for business, and he maintains a flourishing flower shop. He has a deep love and a high regard for Papa Frank (played by Steven Spohn) but has issues if he is emotionally strong to care for his stepdad and his failing memory.

Prince Saruhan is a newbie in the showbiz industry and he auditioned for the role, luckily he landed it because according to Direk John, he has a dramatic face. He is half Filipino, half Turkish. He is Paco. Paco’s real mother passed away during childbirth. Unable to care for Paco, his dad, Rudy (Joji Isla), gave him up for adoption to Papa Frank and his late wife, Mercedes. The Woolworths took him in as their own. He is devoted to Papa Frank and loves his crazy “siblings” Edsa (Pokwang) and Boni (Ricci Chan) to death. But while Paco feels indebted to his adoptive family, he continues to search for his long-lost father to find answers and to feel whole. He is faced with a very stirring decision once he knows the truth.

Steven Spohn plays the role of  Frank, Frank is married to Mercedes, the late mother
of Edsa and Boni. He misses Mercedes so much, and when he experiences bouts of Alzheimer’s, the pain and nostalgia becomes more palpable. Despite his fading memory, he is very fond of his stepchildren Edsa and Boni, and adopted son Paco. He narrates his life, which is essentially tied to the lives of all those around him, until the movie’s delightful conclusion.

Princess Ryan and Lee Robin Salazar are also part of the movie.

When asked why Pokwang was chosen for the role, Direk John said,  “Pokwang is one of those rare gifted, versatile actresses who is very relatable.  Moviegoers identify or empathize with her characters.  Her on and off-screen personas are also very positive that she’s able to inject humor and lightness even in the face of most dire challenges in life. She projects the character of our overseas Filipinos that TFC serves worldwide.”

Lee, Prince and Steven will be staying here in the Philippines till next week and they will be able to check out some of the tourist destinations in our country like Boracay. It was also mentioned that Pokwang already introduced them to some Filipino dishes like Adobo which they find really delicious.

Edsa Woolworth open in cinemas this coming January 14 nationwide!

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