Uratex Plant Tour Experience in Alabang

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Uratex, the number 1 foam company in the country and in Southeast Asia has already proven through the years how they make quality and innovative discoveries just to make wonderful foams for our pillows, cushions, beds and more. I have been a Uratex user together with my family for as long as I can remember and we have tested the quality through the years which is why we only trust one brand, URATEX.

It is one of those rare and lucky occasions that I was invited for a plant tour at Uratex Plant in Alabang, Muntinlupa together with my fellow Bloggers. I will not pass up this chance because I am really excited to know more about how they create quality foams for our homes.

The Uratex Muntinlupa plant is called Multiflex RNC Philippines and located at Km 23 East Service Rd., Bgy Cupang  Muntinlupa City.
Before we started the tour, we were first invited to a sumptuous lunch and then the briefing about the said tour were conducted. Since we were a large group, we were divided into different groups and a representative from Uratex will guide us throughout the said tour.

For our group, we first toured the Showroom, this is where they showcased all their items and guess what, it is much more recommended to buy Uratex products here because they have it on sale and some on discounted prices. All have a seal as well.

Off to the next stop which is the Foaming and Curing Area. This is where they blend the materials used to make the foam. From liquid, it will be stored in a cool area till it is ready.
Now comes the production of foams, from liquid to big bulks of foam. 

At the production area, there are a lot of Uratex products to choose from. This is where they do quality control as well and re-pack all the products for commercial sale. 

Here is the Research and Development Center of Uratex. Uratex Philippines has a Foam Research and Development and Process Engineering Departments that are dedicated in continuous development and acquisition of advance technology, equipment, processes all over the world. The departments ensure that Uratex Foam are of high quality and of world class standard. The company is also making sure that the members of these two departments are updated and in-the-know of the latest advancements in the foam-making industry.

Only Uratex has “Quali 5 Cellular Technology” which is defined as the collection of the qualities and technologies that make sure that the Uratex foams produced by the company are of high and world-class quality. 

The company only uses the best raw materials from global suppliers such as Bayer, BASF, Shell, Dow, Mitsui. The company has not given in to purchasing cheaper materials from local China companies due to its belief that the China polyurethane raw materials technology has not arrived.
Thank you Uratex for inviting us to the Plant tour. It was indeed very educational and we learned so many things about the latest innovation in the foam industry. It is a big assurance to every household in the country that Uratex, our trusted brand for years will never disappoint us and will continue making the best foams for our family.
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